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Cryptomeria japonica (Thunb. ex L. f.) D. Don
AFRIKAANS :  Japanese Seder.
CHINESE :   柳杉  Liu shan (Taiwan), 日本柳杉    Ri ben liu shan .
ENGLISH :  Japanese cedar, Peacock pine.
FRENCH :  Cryptomérie du Japon
GERMAN :  Sicheltanne.
JAPANESE :  ジョウモンスギ Joumon sugi, 縄文杉 Joumon sugi, マキ Maki,  スギ Sugi 杉  Sugi,  スクギ  Sukugi, ヤク 杉 Yaku sugi, ヤクスギ Yaku sugi, ヨシノスギ Yoshi no sugi.
KOREAN :  삼나무 .
POLISH :  Szydlica japońska.
SPANISH :  Cedro rojo japonés.
UKRAINIAN :  Японський кедр , Кедр японський , Криптометрія японська .

Some Japanese scholars argue that the 2 types:   Omote sugi (Pacific type)  (Japanese sea type), recognized in Japan should perhaps be considered either as varieties or subspecies instead. To our knowledge, no varietal name (a preferred option)  has been proposed. so far, but English common names could be, based on past Japanese descriptions:
"Round-headed Japanese cedar" or "Straight-leaved Japanese cedar" for "Conical crowned Japanese cedar" and "Curved-leaved Japanese cedar" for

Cryptomeria japonica (Thunb. ex L. f.) D. Don var. japonica.
SYNONYM(S) :  Cupressus japonica Thunb. ex L. f., Taxodium japonicum (Thunb. ex L. f.) Brong.
ENGLISH :  Japanese cryptomeria.
JAPANESE :  クリプトメリア ・ ジャポニカ  Kuributomeria japonica, クリプトメリア ・ ヤポニカ  Kuributomeria yaponica.

Cryptomeria japonica (L. fil.) D. Don var. radicans Nakai
JAPANESE :   アシウスギ  Ashiwa sugi.

Cryptomeria japonica (Thunb. ex L. f.) D. Don var. sinensis Miq.
SYNONYM(S) :  Cryptomeria fortunei Hooibr. ex Otto & A. Dietr., Cryptomeria kawaii Hayata,  Cryptomeria mairei (H. Léveillé) Nakai,  Cupressus mairei H. Léveillé, Cryptomeria fortunei Hooibrenk, nom. inval.  
CHINESE :   柳杉   Liu shan,  小果柳杉  Xiao guo liu shan (Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  Chinese cryptomeria, Fortune cedar.
FRENCH :  Cryptomérie de Chine.
JAPANESE :  カワイスギ  Kawai sugi,  クリプトメリア ・ フォルツネイ  Kuributomeria forutsunei (as C. fortunei).

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