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Acer saccharinum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Acer dasycarpum Ehrh.

CZECH : Javor cukrový, Javor strieborný, Javor stříbřitý Javor stříbrný.

DANISH : Sølvløn.

DUTCH : Witte Esdoorn.

ENGLISH : Silver maple, Soft maple, White maple.

FINNISH :  Hopeavaahtera.

FRENCH : Érable argenté.

GERMAN : Silberahorn.

ITALY : Acero argentato.

JAPANESE : Gin kaede.

KOREAN : , .

POLISH : Klon srebrzysty.

PORTUGUESE : Bordo prateado.

RUSSIAN :    Клен сахаристый    Klen sakharistyi (Klen sacharistyj).

SPANISH : Arce de Florida, Arce del Canadá, Acer plateado, Arce sacarino.


Acer saccharum Marshall

SYNONYM(S) : Acer saccharinum Wangenh., nom. illeg., Acer saccharophorum K. Koch

 Names under subsp. saccharum apply here.

Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. nigrum (F. Michx.) Desmarais

SYNONYM(S) : Acer nigrum F. Michx., Acer saccharum Marshall var. viride (Schmidt) E. A. Murray

ENGLISH : Black maple, Black sugar maple, Rock maple.


Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. saccharum

SYNONYM(S) : Acer rugelii Pax, Acer saccharum Marshall var. rugelii (Pax) Rehder, Acer saccharum Marshall var. schneckii Rehder

CZECH :  Javor cukrový,  Javor cukrodárný.

DANISH : Sukkerløn.

DUTCH : Suikeresdoorn.

ENGLISH : Hard maple, Rock maple, Sugar maple.

FRENCH : Érable à sucre.

GERMAN : Zuckerahorn.

HEBREW :    אדר הסוכר     Eder hasukar.

ITALIAN : Acero da zucchero.

JAPANESE :    Satou kaede.


NORWEGIAN : Sukkerlønn.

RUSSIAN :  Клен сахарный  Klen sakharnyj:

SPANISH : Arce del azúcar.

SWEDISH : Sockerlönn.

Acer tschonoskii Maxim.

ENGLISH : Japanese maple, Korean maple.

JAPANESE : Mine kaede.

RUSSIAN : Klen Uonoski.

Acer tschonoskii Maxim. subsp. koreanum A. E. Murray

SYNONYM(S) : Acer komarovii Pojark, Acer tschonoskii Maxim. var. rubripes Kom.

ENGLISH : Korean maple, Rubripes maple.

JAPANESE : Mine kaede.

KOREAN : Shi dahn na mu (as Acer tschonoskii var. rubripes).


Acer tschonoskii Maxim. subsp. tschonoskii

ENGLISH : Hokkaido maple.






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