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Carica chrysopetala Heilborn

SPANISH : Toronchi, Toronche, Toronche de Castilla, Poronchi, Chamburo, Chamburo de Castilla.

Carica goudotiana (Triana & Planchon) Solms-Laub.

SPANISH : Papayuelo, Col de monte, Payuello.

Carica monoica Desf.

SPANISH : Col de monte, Col de montaña, Papaya de selva, Tomate de monte, Peladera, Peladua.


Carica papaya L.

SYNONYM(S) : Carica hermaphrodita Blanco, Carica Mamaja Vellero , Carica vulgaris DC., Papaya carica Gaertner, Papaya papaya Karsten, Papaya sativa Tussac, Papaya vulgaris A. DC.

ARABIC : Awaiting feedback.

BURMESE : Thimbaw.

CHINESE : Fan mu gua.

DANISH : Melontræ, Papaya.

DUTCH : Meloenboom.

ENGLISH : Pawpaw, Papaya.

FRENCH : Papaye, Papayer.

GERMAN : Melonenbaum, Papaya, Papayabaum.

HINDI : Papiitaa.

JAPANESE : Papaiya, Papaya, Popoo.

KHMER : Ihong, Doeum lahong.

LAOTIAN : Houng.

KOREAN : Pa pa ya.

MALAY : Betek, Betik, Gedang (Indonesia), Kates (Indonesian), Ketalah, Papaya (Indonesia).

POLISH : Melonowiec wlasciwy (papaja) / Papaja. <- clarify this.

PORTUGUESE : Mamao (Brazil).

RUSSIAN : Papaia.

SPANISH : Mamón, Melón zapote, Papaya, Papayero, Papayo.

TAGALOG : Kapaya, Lapaya, Papaya.

TAMIL : Pappali.

THAI : Loko, Malako, Malakor, Ma kuai thet, Sa kui se.

URDU : Papiitaa.



Carica pentagona Heilborn

ENGLISH : Babaco.

Carica pubescens Lenné & Koch

FRENCH : Papayer de montagne.

SPANISH : Chamburo, Chambur, Chambura, Chamburu, Papaya de altura (Spain), Papaya de montaña (Spain), Papaya de olor, Papaya de tierra fria, Papayo , Papayuella, Col de monte, Siglalón, Chihaulcan, Chilhuacan, Chiehuacan, Bonete (all Latin American exp. 2 names).

Carica stipulata V. Badillo

SPANISH : Siglalón, Chamburo, Siglalón silvestre, Paronchi, Toronche, Toronchi del campo (all Spanish from Ecuador).

Carica x heilbornii Badillo

ENGLISH : Hybrid babaco.


More details is needed on the parentage of this hybrid.

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The following names have not been matched with either a language (although obviously some languages are evident) or a country or both : Figuier des iles, Kapaya, Kepaya, Kuai laa, Lapaya, Lechosa, Loko, Maaksaang pho, Mak hung, Malakaw, Mamona, Ma teh, Papaw, Papayer, Papaya lechosa, Tapaya, Taeng on. Help would be appreciated in fitting these names in the correct "field".




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