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Clausena anisata L.

MALAY : Tikusan (Indonesia).

Clausena brevistyla Oliver

CHINESE : Duan zhu huang pi.

ENGLISH : Australian wampi, Citrus-skinned grape, Native wampi (Aust.).


Clausena excavata Burm.f.

SYNONYM(S) : Clausena lanulata Hayata, Clausena moningerae Merr., Clausena tetramera Hayata

BURMESE : Awaiting feedback.

CHINESE : Jia huang pi, Ye huang pi.

MALAY : Bagal tikus (Java), Chamar, Daun sicerek (Indonesia), Pokok cherek, Pokok kemantu, Semeru, Sicherek (Sumatra), Tikusan (Java). <- Check those names.

THAI : Fia fan. <- Check those names.

VIETNAMESE : Giôi. <- Check those names.

Clausena indica (Dalzell) Oliver Bur

SYNONYM(S) : Piptostylis indica Dalzell

CHINESE : Xi ye huang pi, Xiao ye huang pi.

SINHALESE : Awaiting feedback.

Clausena lansium (Lour.) Skeels

SYNONYM(S) : Cookia punctata Sonn., Cookia wampi Blanco, Clausena wampi (Blanco) Oliv., Clausena punctata (Sonn.) Rehder & E. H. Wilson , Quinaria lansium Lour. 

CHINESE : Huang pi, Huang pi guo (Hoang pi guo, Huang-p'i-kuo), Huang pi zi ( Huang-p'i-tzu).

DUTCH : Vampi.

ENGLISH : Chinese clausena, Wampee.

FRENCH : Vampi, Wampi.

KHMER : Kantrop.

LAOTIAN : Somz mafai.

MALAY : Wampi, Wang-pei (Singapore), Wampoi (Singapore).

TAGALOG : Huampit, Galumpi, Uampi, Uampit.

THAI : Ma fai chin (Ma fai jean), Som ma fai (Sùm ma fái).

VIETNAMESE : Giôr, Hoàng bi, Hong bi.





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