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Acidosasa brilletii (A. Camus) C.S. Chao & S.A. Renvoize (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria brilletii. A. Camus (IPNI), Acidosasa brilletii McClure (Hô)

ENGLISH : Vietnamese sour bamboo.

ITALIAN : Bambù acida del Vietnam.


Acidosasa chinensis C.D. Chu & C.S. Chao (Wang)

CHINESE : Suan zhu.

ENGLISH : Chinese sour bamboo, Common sour bamboo, Sour bamboo.

ITALIAN : Bambù acida della Cina.

Acidosasa edulis (Wen) T.H. Wen (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Sinobambusa edulis Wen (IPNI)

CHINESE : Huang tian zhu.

ENGLISH : Edible sour bamboo, Sweet-shooted sour bamboo.

ITALIAN : Bambù acida commestibile.

Acidosasa gigantea (T.H.Wen) Q.Z. Xie & W.Y. Zhang (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Acidosasa gigantea (Wen) Q.Z. Xie & W.Y. Zhang (Masman), Indosasa gigantea (Wen) Wen (OHRN), Sinobambusa gigantea T.H. Wen (IPNI)

ENGLISH : Giant sour bamboo.

ITALIAN : Bambù acida gigante.

Acidosasa gracilis W. T. Lin & X. B. Ye (OHRN)

CHINESE : Xiao suan zhu.

ENGLISH : Slender sour bamboo, Small sour bamboo.

ITALIAN : Bambù acida gracile.

Acidosasa notata (Z. P. Wang & G.H. Ye) S.S. You (Masman)

SYNONYM(S) :  Acidosasa fujianensis C. S. Chao & H. Y. Zou,  Acidosasa longiligula (T. H. Wen) C. S. Chao & C. D. Chu,  Arundinaria concava C. D. Chu & H. Y. Zou, Arundinaria notata (Z. P. Wang & G. H. Ye) H. Y. Zou ex C. S. Chao & G. Y. Yang, Indosasa longiligula T. H. Wen, Indosasa pusilloaurita W. T. Lin, Indosasawuningensis T. H. Wen & H. Y. Zou,  Pleioblastus acutiligulatus W. T. Lin, Pseudosasa notata Z.P. Wang & G.H. Ye

CHINESE :   斑箨酸竹   Ban tuo suan zhu.


Acidosasa purpurea (Hsueh & Yi) P.C. Keng (IPNI)

SYNONYM(S) : Indosasa purpurea Hsueh & Yi (IPNI)

CHINESE :    毛花酸竹  Mao hua suan zhu.

ENGLISH : Maguan sour bamboo (possibly a misreading of "maohua").

Acidosasa venusta (McClure) Z. P. Wang & G.H. Ye (IPNI,Masman)

SYNONYM(S) : Acidosasa venusta (McClure) Z.P. Wang & G.H. Ye ex C.S. Chao & C.D. Chu (IPNI), Semiarundinaria venusta (McClure) Z.P. Wang & G.H. Ye (IPNI), Semiarundinaria venusta McClure (GRIN,IPNI.Masman)

CHINESE :    黎竹   Li zhu,  Ni zhu ?


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