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Aconitum anthora L.

CHINESE :   雪上一枝蒿    Xue shang yi zhi hao.

ENGLISH :  Pyrenees Monkshood, Yellow monkshood.

FRENCH :  Anthore, Aconit anthore, Aconit anti-thora.

GERMAN :  Blassgelber Eisenhut.

HUNGARIAN :  Méregölő sisakvirág.

SPANISH :    Acónito amarillo.

Aconitum carmichaelii Debeaux

CHINESE :   草乌  Cao wu,    乌头  Wu tou, 乌药  Wu yao.

ENGLISH :  Common aconite,  Japanese aconite

FRENCH :  Aconit de Chine.

Aconitum ferox Wall. ex Ser.

SYNONYM(S) :  Aconitum virorum D. Don, Delphinium ferox Baill.

CHINESE :   尼泊尔乌头  Ni bo er wu tou.

DANISH :  Stormhat, Venusvogn.

DUTCH : Monnikskap.

ENGLISH : Indian aconite, Monkshood, Nepalese aconite.

FRENCH : Aconit féroçe, Aconit blanc.

GERMAN : Eisenhut.

HINDI : Vatsnabh.

NEPALESE :  Attisingiya,      Bishmaa (Bisma),     Seto vikh.

SPANISH :   Acónito de Nepal.

Photograph of  leaves
at  Gartendatenbank  in Germany.
Photograph of flower at Gartendatenbank  in Germany.

Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. ex Royle

ENGLISH : Asian monkshood, Atis root.

HINDI : Atees (Atis).

NEPALESE :     Attis (aattis).

Aconitum lycoctonum L.

ENGLISH : Badgersbane, Wolfsbane.

FRENCH :   Aconit tue-loup,  Aconit blanc.

Photograph of flowers at University of Lyon - France.

Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. lycoctonum

SYNONYM(S) :   Aconitum excelsum Rchb.,   Aconitum septentrionale Koelle

Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. ranunculifolium Finet & Gagnep.

SYNONYM(S) :    Aconitum lamarckii Rchb., Aconitum ranunculifolium Rchb.

FRENCH :  Aconit jaune.

GERMAN :  Hahnenfuß-Wolfs-Eisenhut.

Photograph of flower by Werner Wurth .

Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. vulparia (Rchb.) Nyman

SYNONYM(S) :   Aconitum lycoctonum auct, . Aconitum vulparia Rchb.

ENGLISH : Yellow wolfsbane.

FRENCH :  Aconit tue-loup,  Aconit jaune.

GERMAN :  Eigentlicher Wolfs-Eisenhut, Gelber Eisenhut

HUNGARIAN :  Farkasölő sisakvirág.

SPANISH :    Acónito ,   Matalobos.

Photograph of flower by Vicent Martínez
Photographs at 
TERRA Alapítvány.

Aconitum napellus L.

DUTCH : Blauwe monnikskap.

ENGLISH : Aconite, Bear's-foot,  Blue-rocket,  European monkshood,  Friar's-cap,  Garden monkshood,  Garden wolfsbane,  Helmet-flower,  Monkshood,  Queen's fettle, Soldier's-cap , Turk's-cap.  

FRENCH : Aconit napel, Casque de Jupiter. 

GERMAN : Blauer Eisenhut,  Blauer Sturmhut, Echter Eisenhut, Echter Sturmhut, Fischerkappe, Fuchswurzel, Kappenblume, Mönchskappe.

RUSSIAN :   Аконит  Akonit.

SPANISH :  Acónito , Acónito común, Napelo.

 Photograph of flower (close-up)  in Switzerland.


Aconitum novoluridum Munz

NEPALESE :     Bisha (Bis).

Aconitum spicatum (Briihl) Stapf.

NEPALESE :      Vikh.

Aconitum variegatum L.

HUNGARIAN :  Karcsú sisakvirág.

SPANISH :    Acónito racemoso.


Aconitum vulparia Rchb.  ->  Aconitum lycoctonum L. subsp. vulparia (Rchb.) Nyman


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