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Adenanthera aglaosperma Alston

SYNONYM(S) :  Adenanthera bicolor sensu auct.,  Adenanthera bicolor  Moon ex Thwaites, nom. illeg. 

ENGLISH :  Chicken eyes.

Mas mora.

ไพรเงินกล่ำ  Prai ngern glam (as A. bicolor).  

Photo: Steve Hurst @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database
Adenanthera pavonina L. 

SYNONYM(S) :  Adenanthera gersenii Scheff., Adenanthera polita Miq. , Corallaria parvifolia Rumph.

BURNESE :  Mai-chek.

CHINESE :  海紅豆  Hai hong dou, 孔 雀豆   (Taiwan).

Aandal beadtree, Acacia coral, Agati, Bead tree, Circassian bean, Circassian seed (Jamaica), Condori wood, Coral pea, Coral pea tree, Coralwood, Coral wood, Curly bean, Deleite (Haiti), Dilmawi (Antilles), False jequirity, False red sandalwood, False wiliwili (Hawaii), Flower-fence, Jumbi bead, Jumbie beads, (Antilles), Peacock Barbados-pride, Peacock flower-fence, Peacock tree, Red bead , Red beadtree, Red bead tree (Jamaica), Red sandalwood (Antilles), Red sandalwood tree (Bahamas), Red wood, Sandal bean tree, Sandal beadtree, Sandalwood tree, Zumbic tree.

FRENCH :  Arbre à église (Antilles), Arbre à perles, Agati à petites feuilles, Arbre collier (Réunion), Bois de condori, Bois de corail, Bois de santal rouge, Bois noir à graines rouges, Bois noir de Bourbon, Bois noir rouge (Réunion), Corail végétale (Antilles), Graine de condori, Graine l'église (Antilles), Graine réglisse (Antilles), Graine rouge (Antilles), Oeil de paon (Madagascar), Paina (French Polynesia), Pitipitio (French Polynesia).

GERMAN :   Condoribaum, Indischer Korallenbaum, Rotes Sandelholz, Roter Sandelholzbaum.

HINDI :  Ratan gunj.

MALAGASY :  Bonaramena (Madagascar), Conori (Madagascar), Kafe bonara (Madagascar)

MALAY :  Saga telik (Java), Segawé sabrang (Java).

MARATHI :  Ratan gunj.

PORTUGUESE :  Adenantero, Árvore-coral, Carolina, Falso-sândalo (Brazil), Olho-de-pavão (Brazil), Segavé (Brazil), Tento-carolina (Brazil).

SINHALESE :  Mas-moca.

SPANISH :  Árbol del coral, Coral (Cuba), Coralillo (Cuba), Coralín (Cuba), Coralitos (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico), Delicia (Dominican Republic), Mato colorado (Cuba, Puerto Rico), Palo de mato (Puerto Rico), Peonía (Dominican Republic), Peonía extranjera (Dominican Republic), Peronías chatas (Puerto Rico).

SWEDISH :  Korallträd.

TAMIL :  Anaikuntumani, Anikundumani.

THAI : มะโหกแดง Ma hohk daeng, มะ หัวแดง Ma hua daeng, มะกล่ำตาช้าง (Ma glam dtaa chaang) Ma khlam tachang, มะกล่ำต้น (Ma glam dton) Ma khlam ton.

URDU :  Ratangunj.  (Pakistan).

VIETNAMESE :  Cây gió, Kiền kiện, Muồng nước, Trạch quạch, Thuốc rắn.

UNIDENTIFIED :   Colales (Guam), Condori (India), Kolales (Guam), Lagati, Lera (Fiji), Pitipitio, Pomea (Fiji), Popoa, Ranjana (India), Vaivai (Fiji), Vaivainivavalangi (Fiji).

Although Adenanthera pavonina L. is called Red sandalwood, the true Red sandalwood is Pterocarpus santalinus L. f. The White sandalwood is Santalum album L.
The Portuguese name Árvore-coral is more often applied to Erythrina corallodendron L.

Photo of inflorescence by Jayesh Patil on flickr. 

Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm. & Binn.

SYNONYM(S) :  Adenanthera gersenii Scheff., Adenanthera pavonina auct., Adenanthera pavonina L. var. microsperma (Teijsm. & Binn.) I.C. Nielsen, Adenanthera polita Miq., Adenanthera tamarindifolia Pierre, Corallaria parvifolia Rumph.

CHINESE :  海红豆  Hai hong dou, 海紅豆  Hai hong dou (Hong Kong), 小實孔雀豆  (Taiwan).

Acacia coral, Red beads, Red bead tree

FRENCH :  Agati à petits fruits, Agati à petites graines.

KHMER :  Chraèh phnôm, muntrèi, Phlëu ni:ëng. 

LAOTIAN :  Lam ta khouay.


MALAY :  Kenderi (Indonesia), Segawe (Java), Sigawe (Indonesia, Java).

SINHALESE :  Madatiya, Vang aepala.

THAI :  บนซี  Bon see, มะกล่ำ ตาไก่  (Ma glam dtaa gai) Maklam takai (northern Thailand), มะกล่ำต้น (Ma glam dton) Ma khlam ton, ไพ  (Pai) Phai.

VIETNAMESE :  Chi chi, Muồng nước, Muồng ràng ràng, Rang ràng.

A large number of the common names applied to Adenanthera pavonina L. are also applied to this species. Two synonyms A. gersenii and A. polita   are also matched to the two species. This points to some confusion at both the taxonomic level and vernacular level. One can conclude that this genus needs a review.


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