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Aframomum angustifolium (Sonn.) K. Schum.

SYNONYM(S) : Amomum angustifolium Sonn., Amomum melegueta Giseke, nom. illeg. , Amomum danielli Hook.f. ?

ARABIC : Hhabbahân hhabashî.

CHINESE : Zhai ye dou kou.

ENGLISH : Great cardamon, Cameroon cardamon, Madagascar cardamon.

FRENCH : Amome de Madagascar.

GERMAN : Madagascar Cardamomen.

ITALIAN : Cardamomo maggiore, Cardamomo massimo.

TURKISH : Madagaskar hemamesi.

Aframomum daniellii (Hook. f.) K. Schum.

SYNONYM(S) : Amomum angustifolium Hanbury, Amomum danielli Hook.f.

ENGLISH : Bastard cardamom (Aust.), Cameroon cardomom.

Could be a synonym of A. angustifolium above. Is it ?

Aframomum granum-paradisi K. Schum.

SYNONYM(S) : Aframomum granum-paradisi (Hook.f.) K. Schum., Amomum granum-paradisi L.

ARABIC : Gawz esh shark, Tîn fîl.

DUTCH : Paradijskorrels.

ENGLISH : Grains of paradise, Paradise nuts, True grains of paradise.

FRENCH : Graines de paradis.

GERMAN : Paradieskörner.

HUNGARIAN : Paradicsommag.

ITALIAN : Grana paradisi, Grani de paradiso, Semi di paradiso.

TURKISH : Kavure, Siah hemame.

UNKNOWN : Gbeli (unidentified African language).

It would appear that most authors confuse the two species Aframomum granum-paradisi K. Schum. & Aframomum melegueta (Roscoe) K. Schum. and identify them both as "grains of paradise". Strictly speaking only A. granum-paradisi should be called by that name, A. melegueta should be called the "meleguetta pepper" (a wide ranging number of spellings is available). We have pointed out the error in English, we invite others to sort the names in other languages appropriately and let us know the results.

Aframomum korarima (Baker) Cout. ex Engl.

SYNONYM(S) : Amomum korarima Baker

ENGLISH : Ethiopian cardamom, Korarima cardamom.

Aframomum melegueta K. Schum.

SYNONYM(S) : Aframomum melegueta (Roscoe) K. Schum, Amomum melegueta Roscoe

ARABIC : Khayrbûâ, Qâqullah dhakar.

ENGLISH : Alligator-pepper, Grains of paradise, Guinea-grains , Maleguetta-pepper, Melegueta pepper, Meleguetta pepper.

ESTONIAN : Melegeti aframon.

FRENCH : Graines de paradis, Malaguette, Maniguette, Maniquette, Poivre de Guinée.

GERMAN : Guineapfeffer, Malagettapfeffer, Meleguetapfeffer, Paradieskörner.

ITALIAN : Grani de Meleguetta, Maniguetta.

RUSSIAN : Rajskiye zyorna, Malagvet.

SPANISH : Malagueta.

TURKISH : Afrika kakulesi.


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