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Notes on this genus

Agathis atropurpurea B. Hyland
ENGLISH :  Black kauri, Black kauri pine, Blue kauri, Blue kauri pine.

Agathis australis (D. Don) Loudon
SYNONYM(S) :   Dammara australis (D. Don) Lamb., Podocarpus zamiifolius A. Rich.
ENGLISH :  Kauri (Maori), Kauri pine, Mottled kauri, New Zealand kauri.
FRENCH :  Podocarpe à feuilles de zamiée.
GERMAN :  Kaurikopal.
HINDI : कौड़ी वृक्ष , कौड़ी वृक्ष सनोबर.
HUNGARIAN :  Kaurifenyők.
PORTUGUESE :  Agátis-australiano  (Brazil).
SPANISH :  Pino de Nueva Zelanda.

Agathis borneensis Warb.
SYNONYM(S) :   Abies sumatrana Desf., Agathis beccarii Warb., Agathis endertii Meijer Drees, Agathis latifolia Meijer Drees, Agathis macrostachys Warb., Agathis rhomboidalis Warb.
ENGLISH : Borneo kauri, Malayan kauri, Malaysian kauri, Sumatra kauri.
MALAY :  Bamboeng (Borneo), Bembueng (Indonesia, S.E. Borneo), Bengalen (Borneo), Bindang (Borneo, Sarawak), Bulu (Iban), Damar, Damar bambueng, Damar bangalan, Damar benbueng, Damar bindang, Damar daging, Damar laut, Damar minyak, Damar pilau (Indonesia), Damar sigi (Indonesia), Damar santera, Damar santora, Kayu buloh, Kayu damar bukit, Mengilan (Borneo, Sabah), Pilan (Borneo), Pokok damar minyak, Raja kayu, Santora, Tambunan (Sabah), Tolong (Brunei), Tsanum, Tulong (Borneo).
UNIDENTIFIED :  Bangalan, Bengalan, Enghatan, Hedje, Manggilam, Mengkato, Nuju, Pisau, Putut, Salang, Toga.

Agathis corbassonii de Laub.
ENGLISH :  Corbasson kauri.
FRENCH :  Kaori rouge.

Agathis dammara (Lamb.) Rich. & A. Rich.
SYNONYM(S) :   Abies dammara (Lamb.) Poir., Abies loranthifolia Salisb., Agathis alba Jeffrey, nom. inval., Agathis alba (Rumph. ex Hassk.) Foxw., Agathis beckingii Meijer Drees, Agathis celebica (Koord.) Warb., Agathis demmara Lamb., Agathis hamii Meijer Drees, Agathis loranthifolia Salisb., Dammara alba Rumph. ex Blume., Dammara alba Rumph. ex Blume. var. celebica Hassk., Dammara celebica Koord., Dammara loranthifolia (Salisb.) Link, Dammara orientalis Lamb., Dammara orientalis Lamb.var. alba Knight Ex Henkel & W. Hochst., Dammara orientalis Lamb. var. pallens Carrière, Dammara rumphii Presl, Pinus dammara Lamb.
CHINESE :  贝壳杉   Bei qiao shan,  貝殼杉  (Taiwan),  菲律賓貝殼杉  (as A. alba - Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  Agathis Gunung, Amboina pine, Amboina pitch tree, Amboyna pine, Borneo kauri, Celebes kauri, Dammar (varnish resin), East Indian kauri, Gum dammar (varnish resin), Indian agathis, Indonesian kauri, Malayan kauri, Mountain agathis, Sarawak kauri.
GERMAN :  Dammartanne.
MALAY :   Bendang, Bindang (Borneo, Sarawak), Damar, Damar malolo, Damar minyak, Damar nunu (Celebes), Damar pitih, Damar raja (Indonesia), Menghilan, Raja kayu putih, Tolong (Brunei),
TAGALOG :  Almaciga, Almaciga daminara (as A. alba), Baltic, Saleng.
UNIDENTIFIED :  Adiangau, Adiango, Adiangu, Aninga, Aningat, Anteng, Badiangau, Bidiangao, Bagtik, Bahos, Dadiangau, Dakua makadre, Damur laut, Kalline, Kamal, Kamar, Kessi, Kolano, Ladiangau, Litao, Makan, Oeneela (Moluccas), Ongkoa, Salang, Sanum, Soga nunu, Tesanum, Titan, Tsanum, Uli *.

* Various languages and dialects of the Philippines and Indonesian islands.

Agathis labillardieri Warb.
ENGLISH : Western New Guinea kauri.

Agathis lanceolata  (Lindl. ex Sebert et Pancher) Warb.
SYNONYM(S) :  Dammara lanceolata Panch. & Sebert
ENGLISH : Koghis kauri, Noumea kauri, Red kauri.
FRENCH :  Agathis de Nouvelle Cal
लाल कौड़ी वृक्ष .

Agathis lenticula de Laub.
ENGLISH :  Sabah kauri.
MALAY :  Tanggilan, Tengilan, Tungilan .

Agathis macrophylla (Lindl.) Mast.
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis obtusa (Lindl.) Mast., Agathis vitiensis (Seem.) Bentham & Hooker f. , Dammara macrophylla Lindl.
ENGLISH :  Fijian kauri (as A. vitiensis), Melanesian kauri (as A. macrophylla), Pacific kauri, Vanuatu kauri (as A. obtusa)..
UNIDENTIFIED :  Dakua (Fiji), Dakua dina (Fiji), Dakua makadre (Fiji), Da‘ua (Fiji), Duro (Solomon Islands), Hoe (Vanuatu-Espiritu Santo), Kauri (Vanuatu-Bislama), Kauri fidji, Khoe (Vanuatu-Espiritu Santo), Koe kaori, Makadre (Fiji), Makadri (Fiji), Marabete (Solomon Islands),  Na tsoia, Nejev (Vanuatu-Aneiytum),  Nendu (Vanuatu-Erromango), Takua makadre (Fiji), .

Agathis microstachya Bailey & C. White
AFRIKAANS :  Noord-Queenslandse Kauri.
ENGLISH :  Atherton kauri,  Atherton Tableland kauri (Aust.), Black kauri, Bull kauri, Bull pine, Kauri pine, Vanikoro kauri.

Agathis montana de Laub
FRENCH :  Agathis du Mont Panié.

Agathis moorei  (Lindl.) Mast.
ENGLISH :  Dammara lanceolata Viell., Dammara moorei Lindl.
ENGLISH :  Moore's kauri.
FRENCH : Kaori blanc.

Agathis orbicula de Laub.
ENGLISH :  Sarawak kauri.
UNIDENTIFIED :  Bulok, Tubu, Tumuh.

Agathis ovata (C. Moore ex Veill.) Warb.   
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis hypoleuca (C. Moore ex Henkel et W. Hochst.) Warb., Dammara hypoleuca C. Moore ex Henkel & W. Hochst, Dammara ovata C. Moore ex Veill.
ENGLISH :  Scrub kauri.       
FRENCH :  Kaori de montagne.

Agathis philippinensis Warb.
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis alba (Lam.) Foxw., Agathis dammara auct., Agathis regia Warb. , Podocarpus philippeanus Benth.
ENGLISH :  Philippines agathis, Sulawesi agathis.
MALAY :  Damar, damar gantungan, damar lea, damar lotong, damar tampea, damar wana gintungan, damar wana klakah.
SPANISH :  Almaciga.
TAGALOG :  Almaciga, Dadiangau, Gala-gala, Ladiangau, Salong.
VISAYAN :  Anano, Balau, Badiangau, Biayo, Bidiangau.
UNIDENTIFIED :  Adiangau (Philippines), Alinsago (Philippines), Alintagau (Philippines), Anano (Philippines), Aninga (Philippines), Anting, Aringa, Bagtik, Baltik, Bunsog, Buntog (Philippines), Dadungoi, Damar lotong, Dinar,  Makau, Olinsago, Salang, Saleng, Soga bula, Soga nunu, Titau, Uli, Uningat*.

* Various languages and dialects of the Philippines and Indonesian islands.

This taxon is sometimes treated as a separate entity, sometimes as a synonym of Agathis borneensis Warb. Some synonyms also seem to be associated with either one or Agathis dammara (Lamb.) Rich. et A. Rich. (ex; Agathis celebica, Dammara rumphii).
Due to the fact that taxonomists other than Lamb. & Rich. have called this species A. dammara in the past, some common names apply to both species, especially wood / timber names..

Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) Bailey
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis palmerstonii F.M.Bailey, Dammara palmerstonii F.Muell., Dammara palmerstoni F.Muell., orth. var.,  Dammara robusta C.Moore ex F.Muell., Dammara robusta C.Moore ex Parl. nom. illeg.
AFRIKAANS :  Suid-Queenslandse Kauri.
CHINESE :  大果貝殼杉  (Taiwan).
ENGLISH :  Dundathu pine, Fraser Island kauri (Aust.), Kauri pine, Maryborough kauri (Aust.), Queensland kauri, Smooth-barked kauri.
HINDI :  छाल कौड़ी वृक्ष चिकनी, क्वींसलैंड कौड़ी वृक्ष .
HUNGARIAN :  Kaurifenyők.
MALAY : Almaciga.

Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) Bailey subsp. nesophila Whitmore
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis spathulata de Laub.
ENGLISH :  Eastern New Guinea kauri, New Britain kauri, New Guinea kauri.

Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) Bailey subsp. robusta

Agathis silbae de Laub.
FRENCH :  Agathis de Vanuatu.

Agathis spathulata de Laub.  ->   Agathis robusta (C. Moore ex F. Muell.) Bailey subsp. nesophila Whitmore

Agathis vitiensis (Seem.) Bentham & Hooker f.   ->   Agathis macrophylla (Lindl.) Mast.
SYNONYM(S) :   Agathis obtusa (Lindl.) Mast., Agathis macrophylla (Lindl.) Mast., Dammara macrophylla Lindl.
ENGLISH :  Melanesian kauri (as A. macrophylla), Pacific kauri.


The literature from and about the Philippines and the Indonesian islands abounds in names applied to various species of Agathis. Most of these names are timber or wood names rather than plant names. It seems however that the difference is often overlooked. We have attempted to match the vernacular to the botanical Latin as much as we could. Eventually we hope to have the indexes looked at closely by native speakers from those parts of the world. We will then attempt to choose some preferred common names for each species...and we will highlight the timber names.

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