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Ampelocalamus actinotrichus (Merrill & Chun) S. L. Chen, Wen, G.Y. Sheng (OHRN,Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria actinotricha Merrill & Chun, Indocalamus actinotrichus (Merrill & Chun) McClure, Pleioblastus actinotrichus (Merrill & Chun) P. C. Keng, Sinarundinaria actinotricha (Merrill & Chun) C. S. Chao & G. Y. Yang

CHINESE : She mao xuan zhu.

ENGLISH : Radiant hairy bamboo.

Ampelocalamus naibunensis (Hayata) Wen (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria naibunensis Hayata, Bambusa naibunensis (Hayata) Nakai, Chimonobambusa naibunensis (Hayata) McClure, Drepanostachyum naibunense (Hayata) P. C. Keng, Leleba naibunensis (Hayata) Nakai, Pleioblastus naibunensis (Hayata) Kanehira & Sasaki, Pseudosasa naibunensis (Hayata) Nemoto

CHINESE : Nei men zhu (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Naibun bamboo.

JAPANESE : Naibun medake.


Ampelocalamus patellaris (Gamble) Stapleton A

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa patellaris Kurz, ined. ex Gamble, Dendrocalamus patellaris Gamble (Hô) s , Drepanostachyum patellaris (Gamble) Hsueh & D. Z. Li, Sinocalamus patellaris (Gamble) Nguyen


BENGALI : xxx.

BURMESE : xxx.

HINDI : xxx.

NEPALESE : Ghopi bans, Gopi bans, Lewas bans, Leiwa bans, Nibha.



All the above names and languages from India and surroundings need sorting.

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