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Anthemis altissima L.

CHINESE : Wan chun huang ju.

ENGLISH : Tall chamomile.

Anthemis arvensis L.

CHINESE :   Ci gan ju, Tian chun huang ju.

DANISH :  Ager-gåseurt.

DUTCH :  Valse kamille, Wilde kamille.

ENGLISH :  Corn chamomile, Field chamomile.

FRENCH :  Anthémis des champs,  Fausse camomille.

GERMAN :  Ackerkamille, Acker Hundskamille, Feld-Hundskamille, Hundskamille.

NORWEGIAN :  Hvit gåseblom, Kvit gåseblom.

POLISH :  Rumian polny.

SPANISH :  Manzanilla bastarda, Manzanilla silvestre.
SWEDISH :  Åkerkulla.


Anthemis cotula L.

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis foetida Lam., Chamaemelum cotula Allioni, Chamaemelum cotula (L.) All.,  Maruta cotula (L.) DC.,  Maruta foetida S. F. Gray

CHINESE : Chou gan ju,   Chou chun huang ju.

DANISH :  Stinkende gåseurt.

DUTCH : Stinkende kamille.

ENGLISH : Dog's fennel, Mayweed, Mayweed chamomile, Stinking chamomile, Stinking mayweed.

FINNISH :  Haisusauramo.

FRENCH : Anthémis puant, Anthémis puante, Camomille bâtarde, Camomille des chiens, Camomille puante, Oeil de vache.

GERMAN :  Hundskamille, Stinkende Hundskamille.

ITALIAN : Camomilla fetida, Camomilla mezzana.

NORWEGIAN :  Tappgåseblom.

PORTUGUESE : Macela-fétida.

RUSSIAN :  Пупавка собачья    Pupavka sobach'ia.

SPANISH :  Manzanilla hedionda.

SWEDISH :  Kamomillkulla.

Anthemis cretica L.

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Anthemis cretica L. subsp. carpatica (Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd.) Grierson

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis carpatica Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd. , Anthemis cinerea Pancic, Anthemis styriaca Vest

CHINESE : Hui chun huang ju (as A. cinerea).

ENGLISH : Gray chamomile (as A. cinerea).

FRENCH : Camomille des Carpates (as A. carpatica).

Anthemis cretica L. subsp. cretica

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis montana L.

CHINESE : Shan chun huang ju (as A. montana).

FRENCH : Camomille des crêtes.

Anthemis cretica L. subsp. iberica (M. Bieb.) Grierson

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis iberica M. Bieb.

FRENCH : Anthémis ibérique, Camomille ibérique.

Anthemis nobilis L. -> Chamaemelum nobile (L.) All.

Anthemis tinctoria L.

CHINESE : Chun huang ju.

ENGLISH : Dyer's chamomile, Golden chamomile, Golden marguerite, Yellow chamomile.

FRENCH : Camomille des tinturiers.

GERMAN :  Färberkamille, Färber-Hundskamille.

NORWEGIAN :  Gul gåseblom.

RUSSIAN :  Антeмис  Antemis Пупавка красильная  Pupavka krasil'naia.

SPANISH :  Manzanilla de tintes.

SWEDISH : Färgkulla.

Anthemis tinctoria L. var. tinctoria

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis kelwayi hort. ex L. H. Bailey & N. Taylor

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Anthemis triumfettii (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Anthemis rigescens Willd. , Anthemis tinctoria L. var. discoidea (All.) Vahl, Anthemis tinctoria L. var. triumfetti L., Chamaemelum discoideum All.

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