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Archidendron clypearia (Jack) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Abarema angulata (Benth.) Kosterm., Abarema clypearia (Jack) Kosterm., Pithecellobium clypearium (Jack.) Benth.

BURMESE : Kyet-kon, Taw-mezali, Taw-mezali.

THAI : Khrai yong (Chiang Mai), Ma kham pae, Song thu mae (Karen).  


Archidendron ellipticum (Blume) I. C. Nielsen

THAI : Klet chara khe.


Archidendron glomeriflorum (Kurz) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Pithecellobium glomeriflorum Kurz

THAI : Pat ta ho, Pot, Rakam (Chiang Mai), Ya po, Ya pot (Karen).




Archidendron grandiflorum (Sol. ex Benth.) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Abarema grandiflora (Sol. ex Benth.) Kosterm., Pithecellobium grandiflorum Sol. ex Benth.

ENGLISH : Fairy paint brushes (Aust.), Lace flower tree, Paintbrushtree (USA), Pink laceflower, Tasseltree (USA), Tulip siris (Aust.). 



Archidendron jiringa (Jack.) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Abarema jiringa Kosterm, Albizzia jiringa (Jack) Kurz, Inga jiringa (Jack) Jack, Mimosa jiringa Jack, Pithecellobium jiringa (Jack) Prain, Pithecellobium lobatum Benth., Zygia jiringa (Jack) Kosterm.

BURMESE : Danyin, Dog fruit, Tanyin.

ENGLISH : Luk nieng tree.

MALAY : Jering.

THAI : Cha niang, Khang daeng,  เนียง   Niang, Pha niang.



Archidendron lucyi F. Muell.

ENGLISH : Australian archidendron, Scarlet bean (Aust.).


Archidendron microcarpum (Benth.) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Pithecellobium microcarpum Benth.

ENGLISH : Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Kabau.

Archidendron lucidum (Benth.) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) :    Pithecellobium lucidum Benth.

CHINESE :   亮叶猴耳环 ,    頷垂豆    (Taiwan).



Archidendron pauciflorum (Benth.) I. C. Nielsen

SYNONYM(S) : Pithecellobium lobatum Benth.

BURMESE : Danyin-wek.

ENGLISH : Ngapi nut.

FRENCH : Jengkol.

NEPALESE : Dhinyindi.

MALAY : Jengkol (Indonesia), Jering, Jiring.


Most authors place P. lobatum among the synonyms of A. jiringa so as a consequence A. pauciflorum would also be a synonym and all the common names in this record would describe Archidendron jiringa.


Archidendron quocense (Pierre) I. C. Nielsen

THAI :  หย่อง   Yong.



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