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Arenga ambong Becc.

CHINESE : Yin ye guang lang.

TAGALOG : Awaiting feedback.

Arenga australasica (H. L. Wendl. & Drude) S. T. Blake

CHINESE : Ao zhou guang lang.

Arenga caudata (Lour.) H. E. Moore

SYNONYM(S) : Borassus caudatus Lour., Borassus caudatum Lour., Didymosperma caudata (Lour.) H. Wendl. & Drude, Didymosperma caudatum (Lour.) H. Wendl. & Drude, Wallichia caudata (Lour.) Mart.

BURMESE : Awaiting feedback.

CHINESE : Shuang zi zong.

ENGLISH : Caudate Wallich's palm.

KHMER : Awaiting feedback.

THAI : Awaiting feedback.

VIETNAMESE : Awaiting feedback.

Arenga engleri Becc.

CHINESE : Shan zong, Xiang zong, San wei zong.

ENGLISH : Dwarf sugar palm, Formosan sugar palm, Taiwan arenga palm, Taiwan sugar palm.

FRENCH : Palmier à sucre de Formose, Palmier à sucre nain.

GERMAN : Zwerg-Zuckerpalme.

JAPANESE : Kurotsugu.

SPANISH : Palmera de Formosa.


Photograph by Geoff Stein at Photo gallery, Virtual Palm Encyclopedia.

Arenga gamuto (Houtt.) Merr. -> Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.

Arenga hastata (Becc.) Whitemore

CHINESE : Ji xing guang lang.

Arenga hookeriana (Becc.) Whitemore

CHINESE : Hu ke guang lang.

ENGLISH : Hooker's sugar palm.

Arenga micrantha C. F. Wei

ENGLISH : Tibetan sugar palm.

GERMAN : Tibetanische Zuckerpalme.

Arenga microcarpa Becc.

CHINESE : Xiao guo guang lang.

ENGLISH : Arrack palm, Palm heart (vegetable), Sugar palm, Small-fruited areng palm, Toddy palm.

FRENCH : Palmier à sucre, Palmier à petit fruit.

Arenga mindorensis Becc. -> Arenga tremula (Blanco) Becc.

Arenga obtusifolia Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Saguerus langbak Blume

CHINESE : Dun ye guang lang, Su men da la guang lang.

ENGLISH : Palm heart (vegetable), Sumatra sugar palm.

MALAY : Langkap.


Photograph by Geoff Stein at Photo gallery, Virtual Palm Encyclopedia.

Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.

SYNONYM(S) : Arenga gamuto (Houtt.) Merr. , Arenga saccharifera Labill. ex DC. , Saguerus gamuto Houtt. , Saguerus pinnatus Wurmb , Saguerus rumphii Roxb.

ARABIC : Nakhlet es sukkar (as A. saccharifera).

CHINESE : Guang lang, Sha tang ye zi, Tang shu.

ENGLISH : Areng palm, Black-fiber palm, Black sugar palm, Gomuti palm, Sugar palm.

FRENCH : Palmier à sucre.

GERMAN : Zuckerpalme.

ITALIAN : Palma da zucchero.

JAPANESE : Satou yashi, Satou yashi.

MALAY : Kabung (as A. saccharifera), Kabung enau.

PORTUGUESE : Gomuteira.

RUSSIAN : Sakharnia pal'ma (as A. saccharifera).

SPANISH : Barú, Bary, Palma de azúcar, Palmera del azúcar.

THAI : .


Photographs by Jody Haynes at Photo gallery, Virtual Palm Encyclopedia.

Arenga porphyrocarpa (Blume) H. E. Moore

MALAY : Awaiting feedback.

Arenga saccharifera Labill. ex DC. -> Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.

Arenga tremula (Blanco) Becc.

SYNONYM(S) : Arenga mindorensis Becc. , Caryota tremula Blanco, Saguerus mindorensis (Becc.) O. F. Cook, Wallichia tremula (Blanco) Mart.

CHINESE : Fei lü bin guang lang.

ENGLISH : Philippines dwarf sugar palm.

JAPANESE : Awaiting feedback.

TAGALOG : Awaiting feedback.

Arenga undulatifolia Becc.

CHINESE : Bo ye guang lang.

MALAY : Aren Gelora, Kabung jaka, Oren Gelora (Borneo).

Arenga wightii Griff.

ENGLISH : Wight's sago palm.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.


Photograph by Geoff Stein at Photo gallery, Virtual Palm Encyclopedia.


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