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Arundo arenaria L. (Bed)

ARABIC : Ghâb er rimâl, Qassab.

ENGLISH : Reed grass.

FRENCH : Roseau des sables.

GERMAN : Pfahlrohr, Rohr.

ITALIAN : Canna delle sabbie, Cannucia marina.

TURKISH : Kam1sh.



Arundo canadensis Michx. (Bykov)

CHINESE : Jia na da ye qing mao.

ENGLISH : Canadian giant reed.

RUSSIAN : Arundo kanadskii.

Arundo donax L. (Xie,Wang)

SYNONYM(S) : Donax arundinaceus Beauv. (Bed)

ARABIC : Ghâb baladî, Ghâb rûmî.


CHINESE : Lu zhu, Lu zhu (Taiwan), Lü zhu, Dong mi cao, Lu zhu (medicinal name).

DANISH : Pælerør, Pilerør.

DUTCH : Italiaans riet, Spaans riet.

ENGLISH : Giant reed, Spanish reed.

FRENCH : Grand roseau, Canne de Provence.

GERMAN : Pfahlrohr, Riesenschilf.

ITALIAN : Canna comune, Canna di Provenza.

JAPANESE : Dan chiku, Yoshi take.

NEPALESE : (Thuulo narakata) Thulo narkat.

PORTUGUESE : Cana palustre, Canno do reino.

RUSSIAN : Arundo trostnikovii.

SPANISH : Caña común, Caña de Castilla.

THAI : Oo.

TURKISH : Kam1sh.


Arundo donax L. ' Versicolor ' (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundo donax L. var. versicolor (Mill.) Stokes (GRIN) , Arundo donax L. var. versicolor Kunth (Wang)

CHINESE : Hua ye lu zhu, Ban ye lu zhu (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Variegated giant reed, White-striped leaf giant reed.

FRENCH : Grand roseau ornemental, Grand roseau à feuilles panachées.

JAPANESE : Fuiri dan chiku.


Arundo formosana Hack. (Wang)

CHINESE : Tai wan lu zhu, Tai wan lu zhu (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Taiwan giant reed.

FRENCH : Canne de Formose, Grand roseau de Formose.

Arundo isiaca Delile (Bed)

ARABIC : Ghâb fârisî, Bûss fârisî.

ENGLISH : Persian cane.

FRENCH : Canne de Perse.

ITALIAN : Canna di Persia.

TURKISH : Acem kam1sh1.



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Most species of Arundo have been transferred to other genera such as Calamagrostis, Deyeuia, Neyraudia, Phragmites, Scolochloa, etc. None of those will be included into our database in the near future. Searches for those can be made on GRIN (USA - Dept. Ag.) or Google (world wide). Most "real bamboos" belong to : Poaceae or Gramineae (name is linked to the USDA list of species within that family). One or two specific names are synonymous of other bamboo names but the synonymy is not entirely clear. For example D. Ohrnberger places Arundo quila Molina as a synonym of Chusquea fernandeziana Philippi not of -> Chusquea quila Kunth (the Argentinian Quila) as one would expect. If Arundo quila is a synonym of Chusquea quila Kunth it should neither bear the name Molina nor Poiret as the authority name.


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