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Asimina angustifolia Raf.
ENGLISH :  Narrowleaf pawpaw (USA), Narrow-leaved pawpaw, Slimleaf pawpaw.
FRENCH :  Asiminier à feuilles étroites.

Asimina incana (W. Bartram) Exell
SYNONYM(S) :  Annona incana W. Bartram, Asimina speciosa Nash, Pityothamnus incanus (W. Bartram) Small
ENGLISH :   Flag pawpaw   (USA), Polecat bush   (USA).

Asimina longifolia Kral
SYNONYM(S) :  Asimina angustifolia auct., Asimina angustifolia A. Gray, non Raf., Pityothamnus angustifolius (A. Gray) Small
ENGLISH :  Polecat bush.
FRENCH :  Asiminier à feuilles longues, Asiminier à longues feuilles.

Asimina longifolia Kral var. longifolia

Asimina longifolia Kral var. spatulata Kral

Asimina obovata (Willd.) Nash
SYNONYM(S) :  Annona obovata Willd., Asimina grandiflora (W.Bartram) Dunal,  Orchidocarpum grandiflorum (W. Bartram) Michaux, Pityothamnus obovatus (Willd.) Small, Porcelia grandiflora (W.Bartram) Pers., Uvaria obovata (Willd.) Torrey & A. Gray
ENGLISH :  Bigflower pawpaw (USA), Flag pawpaw (USA), Scrub pawpaw (USA). 

Asimina parviflora (Michx.) Dunal
SYNONYM(S) :  Orchidocarpum parviflorum Michaux, Porcelia parviflora (Michaux) Pers.,  Uvaria parviflora (Michaux) Torrey & A. Gray
ENGLISH :  Dwarf pawpaw, Small-flowered pawpaw, Small-fruited pawpaw.
FRENCH :  Asiminier à petites fleurs, Asiminier à petits fruits.

Asimina pygmaea (W. Bartram) Dunal
SYNONYM(S) :  Annona pygmaea W. Bartram, Asimina secundiflora Shuttleworth ex Exell, Orchidocarpum pygmaeum (W. Bartram) Michaux, Pityothamnus pygmaeus (W. Bartram) Small, Porcelia pygmaea (W. Bartram) Pers., Uvaria pygmaea (W. Bartram) Torrey & A. Gray
ENGLISH :  Dwarf pawpaw, Gopherberry.
FRENCH :  Asiminier nain.

Asimina reticulata Shuttleworth ex Chapman
SYNONYM(S) :  Asimina cuneata Shuttleworth ex A. Gray,  Pityothamnus reticulatus (Chapman) Small
ENGLISH :  Flag Pawpaw, Flatwoods pawpaw, Netted pawpaw, Reticulated pawpaw.
FRENCH :  Asiminier réticulé.

Asimina rugelii B. L. Rob.
SYNONYM(S) :  Deeringothamnus rugelii (B. L. Rob.) Small
ENGLISH :  Rugel's pawpaw.

Asimina tetramera Small
SYNONYM(S) :  Pityothamnus tetramerus (Small) Small
ENGLISH :  Four-petaled pawpaw.

Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal
SYNONYM(S) :  Anona pendula Salisb., Annona triloba L., Asimina campaniflora Spach , Asimina virginiana Poit. & Turp., Porcelia triloba (L.) Pers., Uvaria conoidea (Spach) Lemaire , Uvaria triloba (L.) Torr. & A. Gray ,
BULGARIAN :  Асимина трилоба, Папау.
CHINESE :  泡泡树.
CZECH :  Muďoul trojlaločný.
ENGLISH :  American pawpaw (Aust.), Custard banana, Dog banana (USA), Indian banana  (USA), North American pawpaw, Pawpaw   (USA), Pawpaw tree, Poor man's banana.
ESTONIAN :  Söödav asimiina .
FINNISH :  Asimiina, Papavi.
FRENCH :  Asiminier de Virginie, Asiminier trilobé.
GERMAN :  Dreilappige Papau, Dreilappiger Flaschenbaum, Indianerbanane, Papau.
ITALIAN :  Parcellia.
JAPANESE :   アケビガキ Akebi gaki, 木通柿 Akebi gaki,  アシミナ トリロバ  Ashimina toriroba, インディアナのバナナ Indiana no banana, ポポー  Popoo,  ポポーノキ Popoo no ki、ポーポー Poopoo.
PORTUGUESE :  Asimina.
RUSSIAN :  Азимина, Азимина трехлопастная, Азимина трёхлопастная, Индейский Банан.
SLOVAKIAN :  Asimína trojlaločná .
SPANISH :  Asimina.
THAI :  ปอปอ Bpaaw bpaaw,  พอ'พอ Phaaw phaaw.


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