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Attalea agrestis Barb. Rodr.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya agrestis (Barb. Rodr.) Burret

PORTUGUESE : Curuá-y (Brazil).

Attalea amygdalina Kunth

CHINESE : Bian tao ya ta zong.

Attalea butyracea (Mutis ex L. f.) Wess. Boer

SYNONYM(S) : Attalea humboldtiana Spruce, Attalea butyracea (Mutis ex L. f.) J. G. W. Boer, Cocos butyracea Mutis ex L. f., Scheelea butyracea (Mutis ex L. f.) H. Karst. ex H. Wendl., Scheelea humboldtiana (Spruce) Burret

ENGLISH : Amazon palm, Yagua palm.

PORTUGUESE : Aricuri (Brazil), Jaci (Brazil).

SPANISH : Canambo (Ecuador), Palma yagua (Venezuela), Shapaja (Peru), Shapajilla (Peru).

Attalea ceraensis Barb. Rodr.

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Attalea cohune Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya cohune (Mart.) Dahlgren ex Standl.

CHINESE : Kao hu zong, Ke heng ye zi, Ya da li ya zong.

ENGLISH : Cohune palm.

SPANISH : Corozo (Mexico).

Attalea compta Mart.

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Attalea dubia (Mart.) Burret

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya dubia Mart.

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Attalea eichleri (Drude) Andr. Hend.

SYNONYM(S) : Attalea macrocarpa Barb. Rodr., Scheelea macrocarpa H. Karst.

CHINESE : Da guo xi le zong (as S. macrocarpa), Da guo ya ta zong (as A. macrocarpa).

ENGLISH : Large-fruited yagua palm (as A. macrocarpa).

FRENCH : Attalée à gros fruits.

PORTUGUESE : Indaya-Assú (Brazil).

Attalea excelsa Mart. ex Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Scheelea excelsa H. Karst., Scheelea martiana Burret

CHINESE : Gao xi le zong (as S. excelsa), Gao ya ta zong.

FRENCH : Grande attalée.

PORTUGUESE : Urucurí (Brazil).

Attalea funifera Mart. ex Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Sarinia funifera (Mart. ex Spreng.) O. F. Cook

CHINESE : Ya ta zong, Ba xi zong.

ENGLISH : Bahia piassava palm, Coquilla nut, Coquillo oil palm, Oil palm, Piassava palm.

FRENCH : Attalée à cordes, Palmier à fibres du Brésil, Palmier à piassave.

GERMAN : Babassupalme, Bahia-Piassavapalme.

PORTUGUESE : Piaçava, Piaçaveira, Piacava da Bahia, Piassava, Piassavas (Brazil).

SPANISH : Coquito, Coquilla, Coquillo, Piasaba, Piasava.


Attalea macrocarpa Barb. Rodr.

SYNONYM(S) : Scheelea macrocarpa H. Karst.

CHINESE : Da guo xi le zong (as S. macrocarpa), Da guo ya ta zong (as A. macrocarpa).


This species may be a synonym of Attalea eichleri (Drude) Andr. Hend. see this record for all names grouped together.

Attalea maripa (Aubl.) Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Attalea venatorum (Poepp. ex Mart.) Mart., Attalea venatorum (Poeppig ex C. Martius) C. Martius, Cocos venatorum Poeppig ex C. Martius, Englerophoenix caribaea Kuntze, Englerophoenix regia Kuntze, Englerophoenix regia (Mart.) Kuntze, Ethnora maripa (Mart.) O. F. Cook, Maximiliana maripa (Aubl.) Drude, Maximiliana maripa (Corrêa) Drude, Maximiliana martiana H. Karst., Maximiliana regia Mart., Maximilliana stenocarpa Burret, Maximilliana venatorum (Poepp. ex Mart.) H. A. Wendland ex Kerch, Palma maripa Aubl. 

CHINESE : Ba xi zong lü.

DUTCH : Koheri palm.

ENGLISH : Cucurite palm, Kokerit-palm (Guyana), Maripa palm.

GERMAN : Konigspalme.

PORTUGUESE : Anaja, Inajá, Maripa.

SPANISH : Anaja, Cucurito (Venezuela), Huancava (Bolivia), Inayuga, Incham (Peru), Shapajilla.

Attalea microcarpa Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya microcarpa Burret

CHINESE : Xiao guo ya ta zong.

FRENCH : Attalée à petits fruits.

Attalea oleifera Barb. Rodr.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya oleifera Burret ?

ENGLISH : Andai palm.

Attalea phalerata Mart. ex Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Scheelea amylacea Barb. Rodr., Scheelea lauromulleriana Barb. Rodr., Scheelea leeandroana Barb. Rodr., Scheelea martiana Burret, Scheelea phalerata (Mart. ex Spreng.) Burret

ENGLISH : Urucuri palm.

PORTUGUESE : Urucurí (Brazil).

Attalea pixuna Barb. Rodr.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya pixuna Barb. Rodr.

PORTUGUESE : Curuá pixuna (Brazil).

Attalea regia (Mart.) Wess. Boer

SYNONYM(S) : Englerophoenix regia (Mart.) Kuntze, Maximiliana regia Mart.

PORTUGUESE : Inajá (Brazil).


Considered as a synonym of A. maripa.

Attalea sagotii (Thum) Wess. Boer

SYNONYM(S) : Attalea sagotii (Thum) J. G. W. Boer, Attalea sagotii (Thum) Wessels Boer, Orbignya sagotii Thum

FRENCH : Macoupi (French Guyana).

Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya barbosiana Burret, Orbignya huebneri Burret, Orbignya martiana Barb. Rodr., Orbignya phalerata Mart., Orbignya speciosa (Martius) Barbosa Rodrigues, Orbignya speciosa Barb. Rodr., nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Ba la su ao bi ni ya zong (as Orbignya barbosiana).

ENGLISH : Babassu, Babassu-oil palm, Cusi palm.

FRENCH : Babassou.

GERMAN : Babassupalme.

NORWEGIAN : Babassuolje.

PORTUGUESE : Babaçú (Brazil), Babassu.

SPANISH : Cusí (Bolivia).

Attalea spectabilis Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Orbignya spectabilis (Mart.) Burret

CHINESE : Mei li ya ta zong.

ENGLISH : Beautiful para palm, Showy para palm.

FRENCH : Palmier du Brésil aux couleurs vives.

PORTUGUESE : Curuá (Brazil), Curuá piranga (Brazil), Palha-preta (Brazil), Palheira (Brazil).

Attalea spectabilis Mart. var. monosperma (Barb. Rodr.) Drude

SYNONYM(S) : Attalea monosperma Barb. Rodr.

PORTUGUESE : Curuátinga (Brazil).


Attalea spectabilis Mart. var. typica Drude


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