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Barbarea intermedia Boreau

DANISH :   Randhåret Vinterkarse.

ENGLISH :  Medium-flowered winter-cress.

FINNISH :  Rantakanankaali.

FRENCH :  Barbarée intermédiare.
GERMAN :  Mittleres Barbarakraut .

NORWEGIAN :  Frynsevinterkarse.

SWEDISH : Mellangyllen.

Photographs by F. Le Driant at Flore des Hautes-Alpes, France.

Barbarea stricta Andrz.

DANISH :   Rank Vinterkarse.

ENGLISH :  Small-flowered winter-cress.

FINNISH :  Rantakanankaali.

GERMAN :  Steifes Barbarakraut.

NORWEGIAN :  Stakekarse.

SWEDISH : Strandgyllen.

Barbarea verna (Mill.) Asch.

SYNONYM(S) :  Barbarea patula Fries, Barbarea praecox (Sm.) R. Br., Crampe verna (P. Mill.) Heller, Erysimum praecox Smith,  Erysimum vernum Mill. 

DANISH :   Langskulpet vinterkarse, Tidlig Vinterkarse.

DUTCH :  Vroeg barbarakruid.

ENGLISH :  American winter-cress, Early winter cress,  Early yellow rocket, Land cress, Peppergrass, Upland cress. 

FINNISH :  Krassikanankaali, Maakrassi.

FRENCH :   Barbarée précoce, Barbarée printanière, Cresson de jardin, Cresson de terre, Herbe aux charpentiers.

GERMAN :  Barbenkraut, Frühlingsbarbarakraut, Frühlings-Barbarakraut, Frühlings-Barbenkraut, Winterkresse.

ITALIAN :  Barbarea, Erba di Santa Barbara vernale.

NORWEGIAN :  Vårkarse.

PORTUGUESE :  Agrião-de-horta, Agrião-de-sequeiro, Agriao-rinchao.

SPANISH :  Berrillo,   Berro mastuerzo, Hierba de Santa Bárbara. 

SWEDISH :  Vårgyllen, Vinterkrasse..

Barbarea vulgaris R. Br.

SYNONYM(S) :   Barbarea arcuata (Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl) Rchb., Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. var. arcuata (Rchb.) Fr., Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. var. brachycarpa Rouy & Foucaud, Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. var. longisiliquosa Carion, Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. var. sylvestris Fr., Campe barbarea (L.) W. Wight ex Piper, Erysimum arcuatum Opiz ex J. Presl & C. Presl, Erysimum barbarea L.

DANISH :  Almindelig vinterkarse, Udspærret Vinterkarse.

DUTCH :  Barbarakruid.

ENGLISH :  Rocket cress,  Winter cress,  Yellow rocket.

FINNISH :  Peltokanankaali.

FRENCH :   Barbarée, Barbarée commune, Barbarée vulgaire, Girarde jaune, Herbe aux charpentiers, Herbe de Sainte-Barbe.

GERMAN :  Barbarakraut, Echtes Barbarakraut.

ITALIAN :  Erba disanta barbara.

NORWEGIAN :  Vinterkarse.

PORTUGUESE :  Erva-de-Santa-Bárbara.

SPANISH :  Hierba de Santa Bárbara.

SWEDISH :  Bangyllen, Sommargyllen, Vanlig sommargyllen, Vanlig vinterkrasse.



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