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Bashania faberi (Rendle) Yi A (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria faberi Rendle s (OHRN) , Arundinaria fangiana A. Camus s (Bykov,Wang), Bashania fangiana (A. Camus) P. C. Keng & Wen s (OHRN) , Sinarundinaria fangiana (A. Camus) Keng ex Keng f. (Wang), Sinoarundinaria fangiana Keng (Bykov)

CHINESE : Leng qing li zhu, Leng jian zhu.

ENGLISH : Fang's cane-bamboo.

RUSSIAN : Arundinarya fana.


Bashania fargesii (Camus) P. C. Keng & Yi A (OHRN)

SYNONYM(S) : Arundinaria fargesii Camus s (OHRN) , Arundinaria fargesii E.G. Camus, Arundinaria fargesii Camus var. grandifolia Camus s (OHRN), Indocalamus dumetosus (Rendle) Nakai s (OHRN), Indocalamus fargesii (E.G. Camus) Nakai (Wang) , Indocalamus scariosus McClure s (OHRN)

CHINESE : Ba shan mu zhu, Fa shi ruo zhu.

ENGLISH : Farges indocalamus.


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