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Bignonia corymbosa (Vent.) L. G. Lohmann

SYNONYM(S) :  Macfadyena corymbosa (Vent.) Griseb., Phryganocydia corymbosa (Vent.) Bureau ex K. Schum., Spathodea corymbosa Vent.

Bignonia diversifolia Kunth

SYNONYM(S) :  Cydista diversifolia (Kunth) Miers

FRENCH :  Bignone à feuilles diversifiées.

Bignonia magnifica W. Bull

SYNONYM(S) :  Arrabidaea magnifica (W. Bull) Sprague ex Steenis, Saritaea magnifica (W. Bull) Dugand

FRENCH :  Bignone magnifique.

Bignonia magnoliifolia Kunth

SYNONYM(S) :  Amphilophium magnoliifolium (Kunth) L. G. Lohmann, Distictella broadwayana Urb., Distictella magnoliifolia (Kunth) Sandwith, Distictella racemosa (Bureau & K. Schum.) Urb., Distictis racemosa Bureau & K. Schum.

FRENCH :  Bignone à feuilles de magnolia.

Bignonia ricasoliana hort.

SYNONYM(S) :  Pandorea ricasoliana (Tanfani) Baill., Podranea brycei (N. E. Br.) Sprague, Podranea ricasoliana (Tanfani) Sprague, Tecoma brycei N. E. Br., Tecoma mackenii W. Watson, Tecoma ricasoliana Tanfani

ENGLISH :  Bubblegum vine, Pandorea, Pink trumpetvine, Port St. John's creeper, Queen of Sheba-vine (as Podranea brycei), Zimbabwe climber (as Podranea brycei), Zimbabwe creeper.

GERMAN :  Purpur-Trompetenwein (as Podranea brycei), Rosa-Trompetenwein.

GREEK :  Βιγνόνια Κοντέσα Σάρα (a cultivar name for 'Contessa Sara')

ITALIAN :  Bignonia ricasoliana.

Apparently the name Bignonia ricasoliana is only found in the Italian and Greek literature. We are not sure if it is a valid name. The valid name for this plant is Podranea ricasoliana (Tanfani) Sprague

Bignonia semperflorens hort.

SYNONYM(S) :  Pandorea jasminoides (Lindl.) K. Schum., Tecoma jasminoides Lindl.

ENGLISH :  Bowerplant (Aust.).

GREEK :  Πανδορέα Pandoréa,   Βιγνώνια πολυανθής  Vignónia polyanthí̱s.

ITALIAN :  Bignonia rampicante.

SWEDISH :   Jasminpandorea.

Apparently the name Bignonia semperflorens is only found in the Italian and Greek literature. We are not sure if it is a valid name. The valid name for this plant is Pandorea jasminoides (Lindl.) K. Schum.

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