Biological Diversity


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Here are 3 examples of biodiversity within three well known crops. To see a photo simply click on the name of your choice and use the back button of your browser to come back here.

Eggplants & Cucurbits Copyrighted by David Cavagnaro, Pears (larger picture, will take longer to download) Copyrighted by J. Postman, Tomatoes (larger picture, will take longer to download) Copyrighted by Diggers Seeds.

Here are two examples of how this translates into common names of cultivars of pears, or species of pears. A further more revealing listing of potato cultivars can be seen on the HSCA site, when one considers that very few of those are known and handled in the commercial circuits and that 99.9 % of those cultivars belong to only one species : Solanum tuberosum L.This certainly illustrates point 1.

Try to identify as many species or cultivars or types as possible in each photo.

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