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Boesenbergia fallax Loes

CHINESE : Xin ye ao chun jiang.

ENGLISH : Heart-leaved boesenbergia.

Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr. -> Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf.

Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf.

SYNONYM(S) : Curcuma rotunda L., Kaempferia rotunda Don., Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr. , Gastrochilus panduratus (Roxb.) Ridl., Kaempferia pandurata Roxb.

CHINESE : Ao chun jiang, Yao shi, Suo shi (Singapore).

DUTCH : Temoe koentji.

ENGLISH : Chinese keys, Finger root, Resurrection lily, Tropical crocus.

GERMAN : Chinesischer Ingwer, Fingerwurz, Gewürzlilie.

HUNGARIAN : Kínai gyömbér.

KHMER : Khchiey.

LAOTIAN : Houo ka sai, Kasay, Neng Kieng.

MALAY : Temu kunchi, Kunci (Indonesia).

RUSSIAN : Bëzenbergiia kruglaia.

THAI : Krachai (Kra chaai, Gra chai), Khao chae.

VIETNAMESE : Bong nga truat, Cu ngai, Ngai num kho.


Photographs & description (English) at Gernot Katzer's Spice site.

Photograph of foliage at Dave Skinner's Le Jardin Ombragé.

Photograph of flower at Dave Skinner's Le Jardin Ombragé.

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