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Broussonetia kazinoki Siebold

SYNONYM(S) : Broussonetia kaempferi Siebold, nom. illeg. , Broussonetia kazinoki Franch. & Sav., Broussonetia monoica Hance, Broussonetia sieboldii Blume, Papyrius kaempferi Kuntze, Papyrius kazinoki Kuntze

CHINESE : Xiao gou shu.

ENGLISH :  Japanese paper mulberry.

GERMAN : Japanischer papierbaum.

ITALIAN : Gelso papirifero del Giappone.

ヒメコウゾ  Hime kouzo, 姫楮  Hime kouzo.

KOREAN : Dak na mu.

RUSSIAN :   Броуссонеция касиноки Broussonetsiia kasinoki,   Бруссонетия  казиноки   Brussonetiia kazinoki,   Бумажное дерево  Bumazhnoe derevo.

SPANISH :   Kozo Japonés, Morera del Japon.

THAI :   ปอสาญี่ปุ่น.

Broussonetia kazinoki Siebold var. humilis Uyeki

KOREAN : Ae gi dak na mu.

Broussonetia kazinoki x papyrifera

FRENCH : Mûrier à papier hybride.

JAPANESE :    コウゾ    Kouzo,  楮   Kouzo .

SPANISH :  Kozo.

Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) L'Hérit. f. lucida (Hatus) Lee

KOREAN : Min kku ji na mu.


Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) L'Hérit. f. oppositifolia Nakai

KOREAN : Ma ju ip kku ji na mu.


Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent.

SYNONYM(S) : Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) L'Hér., Morus papyrifera L., Papyrius papyrifera (L.) Kuntze

CHINESE : Gou shu.

DANISH : Papirmorbær.

DUTCH : Papiermoerbei .

ENGLISH : Paper mulberry, Tapa-cloth tree, Thai paper mulberry.

FRENCH : Mûrier à papier, Mûrier de Chine.

GERMAN : Papiermaulbeerbaum, Papier-Maulbeerbaum.

ITALIAN : Falso moro, Gelso da carta, Gelso papirifero, Moro cinese, Moro da carta, Moro della cina, Moro papyrifero.

JAPANESE : Kaji noki.

KOREAN : Kku ji na mu.

PORTUGUESE : Amoreira do papel.

RUSSIAN :    Бруссонетия  Brussonetiia,  Бруссонетии бумажной  Brussonetii bumazhnoi, Бумажная  шелковица  Bumazhnaia shelkovitsa,   Бумажной  шелковицы  Bumazhnoi shelkovitsy,    Шелковица бумажная  Shelkovitsa bumazhnaia.

SLOVENIAN : Papirjevka.

SPANISH :   Kozo, Kozo Japonés,  Moral de la China, Morera del papel, Papelero.

THAI :   ปอสา  Po sa,  ปอสาไทย.

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