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Buchanania amboinensis Miq.

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Buchanania arborescens (Blume) Blume

CHINESE :   山檨     Shan she mu (doubtful spelling),  山檨子   Shan she zi.

ENGLISH : Booncherry (Aust.), Lightwood (Aust.), Little gooseberry tree (Aust.).

JAPANESE :   ブチャナニア   Buchanania.

TAGALOG : Balinghasai (Malampaya).

THAI :  Cha muang.

Buchanania barberi Gambte

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Buchanania glabra Wall.

LAOTIAN : Mouang meng van.

THAI :   Mamuang nok (Northern Thailand).

Buchanania heterophylla K. Schum.

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Photographs of spores at University of Arizona Catalog of Internet Pollen and Spore Images ANTHOPHYTA DICOTYLEDONAE A-E.

Buchanania insignis Blume


Buchanania lancifolia Sturt.

ENGLISH : Cheerojee-oil plant.


Buchanania lanzan Spreng.

SYNONYM(S) : Buchanania angustifolia Roxb.

ASSAMESE : Awaiting feedback.

BENGALI : Chironji (seeds).

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Narrow-leaved buchanania, Cheraunji nut tree, Chirauli nut, Chirauli nut tree, Chironji nut (India), Cuddapa almond, Cuddapah almond.

FRENCH : Almondette (Canada).

GUJARATI : Awaiting feedback.

HINDI : Achaar, Baruda, Char (fruit), Chironji (Cheronjee), Priyala.

KANNADA : Charpoppu.

MALAYALAM : Mungapper.

NEPALESE :     Acar,    Ciraaunji.

ORIYA : Charu.

PUNJABI : Awaiting feedback.

SANSKRIT :      Char, Priyalam, Rajadana.

SINHALESE : Awaiting feedback.

TAMIL : Morala.

TELUGU : Morichettu, Saara chettu.

THAI :    มะม่วงหัวแมงวัน    Mamuang hua maeng wan,   มะม่วงแมงวัน  Mamuang maeng wan, 

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Buchanania latifolia Roxb.


BENGALI : Piyal.

CHINESE :        豆腐果    Dou fu guo,   天王果    Tian wang  guo,  山檨子  Shan she zi.

ENGLISH : Broad-leaved bachanania, Chirauli nut, Chirauli nut tree, Chironji, Hamilton's mombin, Hermit's tree.

FRENCH : Amande médicinale de l'Inde.

GUJARATI : Charoli.

HINDI : Piyal (Pial), Piyar, Charu, Payala, Peirah, Perna, Payala, Chirka ?

KANNADA : Awaiting feedback.

MALAY : Calumpang.

MALAYALAM : Awaiting feedback.

MARATHI : Charoli.

NEPALESE :     Acar,     Car,    Cirauji.

PUNJABI : Awaiting feedback.

SINHALESE : Awaiting feedback.

TAMIL : Mudaima.

TELUGU : Sara.

THAI :    มะม่วงหัวแมงวัน . 

URDU : Awaiting feedback.

VIETNAMESE :   Cây ràjàyatana.

Buchanania macrocarpa Lauterb.

ENGLISH : Large-fruited buchanania.

Buchanania microphylla Engl.

CHINESE :   小叶山檨子    Xiao ye shan she zi.

ENGLISH : Small-leaved buchanania, Small-leaved chirauli nut tree.

Buchanania muelleri Engl.

ENGLISH : Lightwood.

Buchanania nitida Engl.

Buchanania obovata Engl.

ENGLISH : Green Plum (Aust.), Wild Mango (Aust.).

Buchanania platyneura Kurz.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.

Buchanania reticulata Hance.

LAOTIAN : Mouang meng van.

Buchanania sessifolia Blume

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Buchanania sessiliflora Blume

MALAY : Awaiting feedback.

VIETNAMESE : Awaiting feedback.

Buchanania siamensis Miq.

THAI :   ศรีธนนไชย   Si thanon chai,    ธนนไชย   Thanon chai.

Buchanania spicata Roxb. ex Wall.

HINDI : Awaiting feedback.


Buchanania splendens Miq.

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Buchanania yunnanensis C. Y. Wu

CHINESE :   云南山檨子   Yun nan shan she zi.

ENGLISH : Chinese buchanania, Chinese chirauli nut tree, Yunnan chirauli nut tree.

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