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Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.

SYNONYM(S) : Cytisus cajan L., Cajanus cajan (L.) Druce., Cajanus cajan (L.) Huth , Cajanus cajan (L.) Merr.

See var. cajan for common names.

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. ( Arhar Group)

HINDI : Arahara (Arhar).

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. ( Tur Group)

HINDI : Tuur (Tur).

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. ( Tur Group) 'Prabhat'

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. ( Tur Group) 'Pusa Ageti'

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. ( Tur Group) 'Sharda'

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. var. bicolor (DC.) Purseglove

SYNONYM(S) : Cajanus indicus Spreng. var. maculatus Kuntze, Cajanus striatus Bojer, Cajanus bicolor DC.

CHINESE : Chi dou, Chi xiao dou.

ENGLISH : Congo pea, Spotted pigeon pea, Red gram.


Considered by many authors as a synonym of Cajanus cajan ... (Arhar Group) ?

Type : Arhar (late-maturing) (Northern India).

Photograph of an unidentified cultivar with bicolour seeds.

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. var. flavus (DC.) Purseglove

SYNONYM(S) : Cajanus flavus DC. , nom. illeg. , Cajanus luteus Bello

CHINESE : Huang dou shu.

ENGLISH : No-eye-pea, Yellow-flowered pigeon pea, Yellow-seeded pigeon pea, Yellow dhal (India), Green pigeon pea (ingredient - fresh seeds).


Considered by many authors as a synonym of Cajanus cajan ... (Tur Group) ?

Type : Tur (early-maturing) (Central & Southern India).

Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. var. cajan

SYNONYM(S) : Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.

ARABIC : Bisillah hindîyah, Lûbyâ sûdânî.

CHINESE : Mu dou, Shu dou (Taiwan), Huang dou shu, Chieh tu (?), Chieh tu tzu (?), Shan tou ken (?).

DANISH : Ærtebønne, Ærteboenne.

DUTCH : Struikerwt, Katjang goedé (South-East Asia).

ENGLISH :  Angola pea, Congo pea, Guandu, Gungo pea, No-eye pea, Pigeon pea, Pigeon pea bush, Puerto Rico pea, Red gram (India).

ESTONIAN : Harilik tuvihernes.

FINNISH : Kyyhkynherne.

FRENCH : Ambrevade, Pois d'Angola (West Africa), Pois du Congo, Pois cajan (Belgium Congo).

GERMAN: Straucherbse, Strauchbohne, Taubenerbse.

HINDI : Toor, Tuur, Tur, Tuvar, Tuver.

ITALIAN : Pisello d'Angola, Pisello del tropico, Caiano.

JAPANESE : Pijonpii.

KHMER : Sândaèk dai, Sândaèk kroëb sâ, Sândaèk klöng.

LAOTIAN : Thwàx h'ê.

MALAY : Kacang kacang dal, Kacang hiris, Kacang kayu (Indonesia), Kacang gude (Indonesia), Kacang Bali (Indonesia). Kachang kayu (former spelling), Kachang gude (former spelling), Katjang Bali (former spelling).


PORTUGUESE : Feijão-guandu (Brazil), Guandu.

SPANISH : Cachito, Fríjol de árbol, Frijol de la India, Frijol guandul, Frijol quinchancho, Gandul (Puerto Rico), Gandules, Gandules verdes (ingredient - fresh seeds), Guando, Guandu, Guandú, Guandul, Guisante de Angola, Guisante de paloma, Guisante gunga, Guisante gungo, Planta de guandú (Argentina), Quinchocho, Quinchoncho (Venezuela),  Vaina del guandú (pods).

SWEDISH : Duwärt.

TAGALOG : Tabios.

THAI :   ถั่วแระ   Thua rae, Thua maetaai, Ma hae.

VIETNAMESE : , , Cay dau chieu, Dau thong.


Photograph of leaves, flower and pods at University of Florida.

Types : Dwarf bush, tall bush, indeterminate

Cajanus platycarpus (Benth.) Maesen.

SYNONYM(S) : Atylosia platycarpa Benth.

ENGLISH : Flat-seeded pigeon pea ?


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Contributors to this page (Personal communication) : Takako Asaoka, Orarat Mongkolporn.



Note : type names need to be clarified : Tur / Toor (early-maturing / short duration), Medium duration, Arhar / Arhur / Urhur (late-maturing / long duration) Hindi names ?

It is reported that 10 maturity groups have been identified in Indian conditions. These 10 groups are narrowed down to four as : Extra early, Early, Medium, and Late maturing. Any Hindi name for any of those ? Of course these may or may not translate well in other parts of the globe. This is why more taxonomical / horticultural work needs to be done.

Cultivar groups have not yet been worked out.


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