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Callerya atropurpurea (Wall.) Schot

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia atropurpurea (Wall.) Benth., Millettia atropurpurea Ridl.,  Padbruggea atropurpurea (Wall.) Craib,   Pongamia atropurpurea Wall., Whitfordiodendron atropurpureum (Wall.) Merr.

UNIDENTIFIED : Ki mo, Nyivih bukit, Se, Tulang diang.

These names are quoted by every author but we have yet to find a language matching any of them.

Callerya australis (Endl.) Schot

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia australis (Endl.) Benth., Millettia maideniana F. M. Bailey,  Pterocarpus australis Endl.

ENGLISH :  Blunt wisteria (Aust.), Mountain wisteria (Cook Islands).

Callerya cinerea (Benth.) Schot

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia cinerea Benth.,  Millettia dielsiana Diels, Millettia obovata Gagnep., Pongamia oblonga Graham, Pongamia palustris Graham

JAPANESE :  ミレッティア・オボヴァタ  Mirettia obovata.

Callerya dielsiana (Harms) P. K. Lôc ex Z. Wei & Pedley

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia dielsiana Harms

CHINESE :  香 花 鸡血藤  Xiang hua ji xue teng,  香花崖豆藤  Xiang hua ya dou teng (Hong Kong).

JAPANESE :  ミレッティア・ディエルシアナ  Mirettia dierushiana.

Callerya megasperma (F. Muell.) Schot

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia megasperma (F. Muell.) Benth. ,  Wisteria megasperma F. Muell.

ENGLISH :  Native wisteria (Aust.).

Callerya nitida (Benth.) Gees.

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia nitida (Benth.) Gees.

CHINESE :  亮 叶鸡血藤  Liang ye ji xue teng,   光 叶崖豆藤  Guang ye ya dou teng (as M. nitida),    光 葉魚藤  Guang ye yu teng  (Taiwan).

ENGLISH :  Glittering-leaved millettia.

JAPANESE :  ミレッティア・ニティダ Mirettia nitida.

Callerya reticulata (Benth.) Schot 

 SYNONYM(S) :   Millettia championii Benth., Millettia reticulata Benth.

CHINESE :   老 荊藤    Lao jing teng   (Lo king t'ang - Taiwan),   鸡血藤   Ji xue teng (Kam shu t'ang ), 绿花崖豆藤  (as M. championii  - Hong Kong), 网络鸡血藤  Wang luo ji xue teng.

ENGLISH :  Evergreen wisteria.

JAPANESE :   ミ レッティア・カンピオニィ  Mirettia kanpioni,   ミレッティア・レティクラタ  Mirettia retikurata,   ム ラサキナツフジ      Murasaki natsu fuji,     サッコウ フジ    Sakkou fuji.

Callerya speciosa (Champ.) Schot

SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia speciosa Benth. , Millettia speciosa  Champ. ex Benth.

CHINESE :    美 丽鸡血藤   Mei li ji xue teng牛大力藤   Niu da li teng.

ENGLISH :   Showy millettia.

Callerya sphaerosperma (Z. Wei) Z. Wei & Pedley    

 SYNONYM(S) :  Millettia sphaerosperma  Z. Wei

CHINESE :  球子鸡血藤  Qiu zi ji xue teng.

This taxon could be a synonym of  Callerya cinerea (Benth.) Schot (ILDIS LegumeWeb) but it would not fit into the Flora of China taxonomy.


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