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Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :

  • Callicarpa americana L.
  • Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév.
  • Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. bodinieri 
  • Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. giraldii (Hesse ex Rehder) Rehder
  • Callicarpa cathayana Hung T. Chang
  • Callicarpa dichotoma (Lour.) K.Koch
  • Callicarpa formosana Rolfe
  • Callicarpa giraldiana Hesse ex Rehder  ->  Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. giraldii (Hesse ex Rehder) Rehder
  • Callicarpa giraldii Hesse ex Rehder   ->  Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. giraldii (Hesse ex Rehder) Rehder
  • Callicarpa japonica Thunb.
  • Callicarpa macrophylla Vahl
  • Callicarpa mollis Siebold & Zucc.
  • Callicarpa rubella Lindl.
  • Callicarpa tomentosa (L.) L.

Callicarpa americana L.

ARABIC :   توت فرنسا  Tūt faransā.

CHINESE :  美洲紫珠  Měi zhōu zǐ zhū.

CZECH :  Krásnoplodka americká.

DANISH :  Glasbær-slægten.

ENGLISH :  American beautyberry, Beauty berry, French mulberry.

FRENCH :  American arbuste aux bonbons, Callicarpe d'Amérique.

GERMAN :  Amerikanische Schönfrucht, Liebesperlenstrauch.

RUSSIAN :  Красивоплодник американский  Krasivoplodnik amerikanskij.

SERBIAN :  Каликарпе.

VIETNAMESE : Tử châu Mỹ.

Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév.

CHINESE :  紫珠  Zǐ zhū..

CZECH :  Krásnoplodka Bodinierova.

DANISH :  Glasbær.

ENGLISH :  Bodinier's beautyberry.

FRENCH :  Callicarpe de Bodinier.

RUSSIAN :  Красивоплодник Бодиньера Krasivoplodnik Bodin'era, Красивоплодник Бодинье Krasivoplodnik Bodin'e.

SERBIAN :  Кинеска каликарпа.

VIETNAMESE : Tu hú Bodinier, Tử châu, Chìa vôi.

Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. bodinieri

See species for common names.

Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. giraldii (Hesse ex Rehder) Rehder

SYNONYM(S) :  Callicarpa giraldiana Hesse ex Rehder, Callicarpa giraldii Hesse ex Rehder

CZECH :  Krásnoplodka Giraldova.

GERMAN :    Chinesische Schönfrucht.

RUSSIAN :  Красивоплодник Жиральда  Krasivoplodnik Zhiral'da.

Callicarpa cathayana Hung T. Chang

VIETNAMESE :  Tử châu hoa.

Callicarpa dichotoma (Lour.) K.Koch

CZECH :  Krásnoplodka vidličnatá.

ENGLISH :  Purple beautyberry.

FRENCH :   Callicarpe à fruits pourpres.

GERMAN :   Purpurschönfrucht, Purpur-Schönfrucht .

RUSSIAN :  Красивоплодник двухвильчатый  Krasivoplodnik dvukhvil'chatyj,  Красивоплодник вильчатый Krasivoplodnik vil'chatyj.

VIETNAMESE :  Tử châu lá nhỏ.

Callicarpa formosana Rolfe

CHINESE :  杜虹花  Dù hóng huā台灣紫珠  Tái wān zǐ zhū.

FRENCH :  Callicarpe de Formose.

VIETNAMESE : Nàng nàng Đài Loan, Tử châu Đài Loan.

Callicarpa giraldii Hesse ex Rehder  ->   Callicarpa bodinieri H. Lév. var. giraldii (Hesse ex Rehder) Rehder

Callicarpa japonica Thunb.

CZECH :  Krásnoplodka japonská.

DANISH :  Japansk glasbær.

FRENCH :  Callicarpe du Japon.

GERMAN :  Japanische Schönfrucht.

JAPANESE :  ムラサキシキブ Murasaki shikibu,  むらさきしきぶ Murasaki shikibu,  紫式部 Murasaki shikibu

RUSSIAN :  Красивоплодник японский Krasivoplodnik iaponskij.

VIETNAMESE :  Tử châu Nhật Bản.

Callicarpa macrophylla Vahl

SYNONYM(S) :  Callicarpa dunniana H. Léveillé,  Callicarpa incana Roxb., Callicarpa tomentosa J. Koenig ex Vahl, nom. inval.

CHINESE :  大 叶紫珠  Da ye zi zhu.

ENGLISH :  Urn-fruit beautyberry (USA).

VIETNAMESE :  Tu hú lá to.

Callicarpa mollis Siebold & Zucc.

FRENCH : Callicarpe de Chine à feuilles oblongues.

Callicarpa rubella Lindl.

FRENCH :  Callicarpe à fruits roses.

VIETNAMESE : Tu hú quả tím, Tu hú hồng.

Callicarpa tomentosa (L.) L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Tomex tomentosa L.

ENGLISH :  Great woolly Malayan lilac.

FRENCH :  Callicarpe à feuilles tomenteuses, Callicarpe cotonneux, Callicarpe laineux.

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