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Calophyllum antillanum Britton

SYNONYM(S) : Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess. var. antillatum (Britton) Standl., Calophyllum calaba auct., Calophyllum calaba Jacq. ?, Calophyllum jacquinii Faw. & Rendle ?

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Calaba, Galba, Santa Maria tree.

FRENCH : Calophylle des Antilles, Bois de charromage (Antilles).


Considered (rightly ? or wrongly ?) by some authors as a synonym of Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess. Possible confusion based on various authority names such as "auct., non L.", "Jacq., non L.", "auct., non Cambess" etc.

Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess.

SYNONYM(S) : Calophyllum antillatum Britton ?, Calophyllum calaba Jacq. , Calophyllum jacquinii Faw. & Rendle, Calophyllum lucidum Benth.

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Brazil beauty-leaf, Maria,  Santa Maria.

PORTUGUESE : Cedro do pântano (Brazil), Guanandi ( Brazil), Jacareúba, Landi (Brazil), Mangue (Brazil).

SPANISH : Aceite maría, Alfaro, bari, Arbol María (Mexico), Bella María (Ecuador), Calaba, Guanandi , Jacareúba, Lagarto (Peru), Leche de María, Leche maría, Ocuje colorado, Palo de María (Venezuela), Palo de Santa María.



Calophyllum calaba L.

SYNONYM(S) : Calophyllum burmanni Wight, Calophyllum curtisii Ridl., Calophyllum saigonense Pierre

ENGLISH : Calaba, Santa Maria tree.

SPANISH : Cachicamo, Gurukina.

THAI : Pa ong, Pa ung, Pha ung, Ta ngo, Tang hon, Tang hon bai lek.


Calophyllum inophyllum L.

SYNONYM(S) : Balsamaria inophyllum Lour.

BENGALI : Kathchampa, Punnang, Sultanachampa .

BURMESE : Ph'ông, Ponnyet.

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Alexandrian laurel, Beauty leaf, Borneo mahogany, Dilo oil tree, Indian laurel, Laurelwood, Pannay tree, Poon.

FRENCH : Arbre sacré des Polynésiens, Calophylle, Foraha, Huile de tamanu, Kamani (Tahiti), Laurier d'Alexandria, Tamanu (Tahiti).

GERMAN : Alexandrinischer Lorbeer, Tacama Hacharz.

HINDI : Sultanachampa, Sultan champa, Surpan, Surpunka, Undi.

ITALIAN : Albero di Pannay.

LAOTIAN : Ka ting.

MALAY : Bentagor bunga, Bintangor, Pegana laut, Penaga pudek .

SANSKRIT : Nagachampa, Punnaga, Punnage.

SINHALESE : Domba, Pûna.

SPANISH : Palo de Santa María, Palo María.

SWAHILI : Mtomondo, Mtondoo.

TAGALOG : Bitaog, Palo maria.

TAMIL : Pinnay, Punnagam, Punnai.

TELUGU : Awaiting feedback.

THAI :   Ka ka thing, Ka kra thueng,  กระทิง  Kra thing, Kra thueng, Nao wakan, Saraphi naen (Saraphee neen), Saraphi thale, Thing.

VIETNAMESE : Awaiting feedback.


Calophyllum macrocarpum Hook. f.

FRENCH : Calophylle à gros fruits.

THAI : Chuat, Tang hon.

Calophyllum teysmannii Miq.

SYNONYM(S) : Calophyllum miquelii Vesque

THAI : Tang hon bai yai, Tang hon bai na pru.


Calophyllum teysmannii Miq. var. inophylloide (King) P. F. Stevens

FRENCH : Calophylle de Sarawak, Calophylle de Malaisie.

MALAY : Bintangor gading.


Calophyllum tomentosum Wight

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Malabar poon.

TAMIL : Kattuppunnai.






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