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Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik.

SYNONYM(S) : Capsella bursa-pastoris Moench, Thlaspi bursa-pastoris L.

ARABIC :  Harra el-berria,   كيس الراعي   Kees ar ray, Keis el ra'ai, Kis er-ra'i, Shenaf.

CATALAN :  Bosses de pastor, Fas de formiga, Sarronets de pastor.

CHINESE :   Ji*荠菜 Ji cai,   薺菜  Ji cai,  菱角菜  Ling jiao cai.

CZECH :  Kokoška pastuší tobolka.

DANISH :  Almindelig hyrdetaske, Hyrdetaske.

DUTCH : Beursje, Gewoon herderstasje.

ENGLISH : Chinese cress, Shepherd's-purse.

ESTONIAN :  Harilik hiirekõrv.

FINNISH : Lutukka, Rikkalutukka.

FRENCH : Bourse à Judas, Boursette, Bourse à Pasteur, Bourse de capucin, Capselle à Pasteur, Capselle bourse à Pasteur, Molette à berger.

GERMAN : Gemeines Hirtentäschelkraut, Gewöhnliches Hirtentäschel, Hirtentäschel, Hirtentäschelkraut.

GREEK :  Καψέλλα  Kapsélla  ,  Καψέλλα φυτό  Kapsélla fytó.

HEBREW :  ילקוט הרועים .

HUNGARIAN :  Pásztortáska.

ISLANDIC :  Hjartarfi.

ITALIAN : Borsapastore comune.

JAPANESE :  ナ ズナ Nazu na,  Nazuna, なずな Nazu na,   ペンペン草  Penpen gusa, 薺菜  Seisai, せいさい Seisai,   シャミセングサ Shamisen gusa,  三 味線草  Shamisen gusa, シェ パーズパース  Shepaazupaasu.

KOREAN :  냉이  Naeng-i.

NEPALESE : Coratente, Torii ghaans.

NORWEGIAN :  Gjetartaske.

PERSIAN :  کیسه کشیش   .

POLISH :  Tasznik pospolity.

PORTUGUESE : Bolsa do pastor, Erva do bom pastor.

RUSSIAN :  Пастушья сумка Pastush'ya sumka. 

SPANISH : Bolsa de pastor, Mastuerzo, Paniquesillo, Zurrón de pastor.

SWEDISH :  Lomme, Lommeört, Pungört . 

TURKISH :  Çobançantası.

* This character is transliterated as either Ji or Qi. The umpire in such cases : the Chinese database eflora F.O.C., uses one on a page, the other on another page, so we are no wiser. This is a minor detail anyhow because the sounds of "ji" and "qi" (both correct but possibly dependant on context) are very close. Moreover we know how unreliable transcriptions can be in all cases in all languages.

Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. subsp. bursa-pastoris

SYNONYM(S) : Capsella ruderalis Jordan, Capsella triangularis St-Lager, Capsella virgata Jordan

Capsella grandiflora (Fauché & Chaub.) Boiss.

SYNONYM(S) : Thlaspi grandiflorum Fauché & Chaub.

FRENCH : Capselle à grandes fleurs.

Capsella rubella Reut.

SYNONYM(S) : Capsella rubescens Personnat, Thlaspi rubellum Billot

ENGLISH : Pink shepherd's-purse.

FRENCH : Capselle de Corse, Capselle de Sardaigne, Capselle rougeâtre.

GERMAN : Rötliches Hirtentäschel.

ITALIAN : Borsapastore annuale.

PORTUGUESE : Bolsa do pastor.


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