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Catalpa bignonioides Walter

SYNONYM(S) : Catalpa catalpa (L.) Karst., Catalpa syringifolia Sims.

CHINESE : Mei guo zi, Mei guo zi shu, Nan fang zi.

CZECH : Katalpa trubachovitá.

DANISH : Almindelig trompetkrone, Trompetkrone, Trompettræ.

DUTCH : Groene trompetboom, Trompetboom.

ENGLISH : Catawba, Caterpillar tree, Cigartree, Common catalpa, Eastern catalpa, Fish-bait tree, Indian-bean, Smoking-bean, Southern catalpa. 

FRENCH : Arbre aux haricots, Catalpa commun, Catalpa de Caroline (Canada).

GERMAN : Amerikanischer Trompetenbaum, Gewöhnlicher Trompetenbaum, Trompetenbaum, Zigarrenbaum.

ITALIAN : Bignonia catalpa, Catalpa americana, Catalpa comune.

JAPANESE : Amerika ki sasage.

KOREAN : Kkot gae o dong.

POLISH : Katalpa zwyczajna, Surmia zwyczajna.

RUSSIAN : Katal'pa bignonievaia, Katal'pa bignonievidnaia.

Catalpa bignonioides Walter 'Aurea'

CHINESE : Jin ye mei guo zi, '' Mei guo zi 'Jin hua ye'.

ENGLISH : Golden catalpa. 

FRENCH : Catalpa doré.

Catalpa bignonioides Walter 'Nana'

ENGLISH : Dwarf catalpa, Mophead catalpa. 

FRENCH : Catalpa boule, Catalpa parasol.

ITALIAN : Catalpa sferica.

Catalpa bungei C. A. Mey

CHINESE : Qiu shu (Hong Kong, Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Chinese catalpa, Chinese catawba, Manchurian catalpa.

FRENCH : Arbre puant des chinois.

KOREAN : Dang gae o dong na mu.

RUSSIAN : Katal'pa Bunge.

Catalpa fargesii Bureau

CHINESE : Hui qiu.

ENGLISH : Farges catalpa.

Catalpa kaempferi Nakai -> Catalpa ovata G. Don


Catalpa longissima (Jacq.) Dum. Cours.

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia longissima Jacq., Catalpa longissima (Jacq.) Sims.

ENGLISH : French oak, Haiti catalpa, Jamaican oak, Mastwood, Spanish oak, St. Domingo oak, Yokewood.

FRENCH : Bois chêne de St. Domingue, Chêne noir, Chêne d' Amérique.

KOREAN : Awaiting feedback.

SPANISH : Roble dominicano.

Catalpa ovata G. Don

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia catalpa Thunb., Catalpa henryi Dode, Catalpa kaempferi Siebold & Zucc.

CHINESE : Huang hua qiu, Huo qiu, Zi shu.

ENGLISH : Chinese catalpa, Japanese catalpa, Yellow catalpa.

FRENCH : Catalpa de Chine, Catalpa jaune.

ITALIAN : Bignonia catalpa, Catalpa della Cina.

JAPANESE : Ki sasage.

KOREAN : Gae o dong na mu.

RUSSIAN : Katal'pa Kempfera.

Catalpa speciosa (Warder ex Barney) Warder ex Engelm.

SYNONYM(S) : Catalpa cordifolia St. Hil., Catalpa speciosa (Warder ex Barney) Engelm.

CHINESE : Huang jin shu.

CZECH : Katalpa nádherná.

DANISH : Trompetkronetræ.

ENGLISH : Catawba, Cigartree, Early-flowering catalpa, Hardy catalpa, Indian-bean, Indian bean tree, Northern catalpa, Shawnee wood, Western catalpa.

FRENCH : Bois chavanon, Catalpa à feuilles cordées, Catalpa de l'Ouest, Catalpa élégant (Canada), Catalpa remarquable.

GERMAN : Prächtiger Trompetenbaum, Westlicher Trompetenbaum, Zigarrenbaum.

ITALIAN : Catalpa cordifolia, Catalpa occidentale.

JAPANESE : Hana ki sasage.

POLISH : Katalpa wielkokwiatowa.

RUSSIAN : Katal'pa krasivaia, Katal'pa prekrasnaia.

Catalpa tibetica G. Forrest

CHINESE : Zang qiu.

ENGLISH : Tibetan catalpa.

FRENCH : Catalpa du Tibet.

RUSSIAN : Katal'pa tibetskaia.

Catalpa x erubescens Carr.

SYNONYM(S) : Catalpa hybrida Spaeth, Catalpa x hybrida hort. ex Späth

ENGLISH : Cultivated catalpa, Hybrid catalpa.

FRENCH : Catalpa hybride.

POLISH : Katalpa poshrednia.

Catalpa x erubescens Carr. nothovar. japonica (Dode) Paclt.

SYNONYM(S) : Catalpa japonica Dode, Catalpa x hybrida hort. ex Späth var. japonica (Dode) Rehder

ENGLISH : Cultivated Japanese catalpa, Japanese catalpa.

FRENCH : Catalpa hybride du Japon.








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