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Cephalostachyum burmanicum R. Parker & C. E. Parkinson (GRIN)

BURMESE : Kyat wa.

ENGLISH : Burma bamboo shrub.

Cephalostachyum capitatum (Wall. & Griff.) Munro (Bykov,GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Bambusa capitata Wallich & Griffith, Schizostachyum capitatum (Munro) R. B. Majumdar

CHINESE : Kong zhu.

ENGLISH : Hollow bamboo, Bamboo shrub, Tufted bamboo.

NEPALESE : Gobiya, Gohiya bans, Gopi bans.

RUSSIAN : Tsefalostakhii golovchatyi (Cefalostaxij golovchatyj).

Cephalostachyum chevalieri A. Cam. (Hô,OHRN)


Cephalostachyum langbianense A. Chev. & A. Cam. (Hô,OHRN)


Cephalostachyum latifolium Munro (OHRNShrestha)

CHINESE : Kuo ye kong zhu.

ENGLISH : Large-leaved bamboo shrub, Large-leaved hollow bamboo.

NEPALESE : Ghopi bans, Gopibas.

Cephalostachyum mindorensis Gamble (PROSEA)

ENGLISH : Philippines scrambling bamboo.

TAGALOG : Bagto.

Cephalostachyum pergracile Munro (GRIN, PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Schizostachyum pergracile (Munro) Majumdar (PROSEA)

BURMESE : xxx , Tinwa, Wa phlong.

CHINESE : Qian xi tou sui zhu, Xian xi tou sui zhu.

ENGLISH : Burmese bamboo, Thin holow bamboo, Thin-headed hollow bamboo, Tinwa bamboo.

LAOTIAN : Khauz hla:m.

THAI : Mai khaolarm, Mai pang, Phai kao laam (Pai kao larm, Phai khaolam, Phai khaolarm), Wa phlong.


See also Oxytenanthera aliena McClure (GRIN,Wang)

Cephalostachyum virgatum (Munro) Kurz (OHRN,PROSEA)

SYNONYM(S) : Cephalostachyum virgatum Kurz. (Hô) , Melocanna virgata Munro (OHRN)


ENGLISH : Burmese bamboo.

THAI : Mai hia (Mai hiar), Phai hia (Phai hiar, Pai hia), Phai hia.


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