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Chaenomeles cathayensis (Hemsl.) C. K. Schneid.

SYNONYM(S) : Cydonia cathayensis Hemsl.

CHINESE : Mao ye mu gua, Mu gua hai tang, Mu tao.

ENGLISH : Hairy-leaved flowering-quince.

FRENCH : Cognassier à feuilles velues, Cognassier à feuilles villeuses.

Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach

SYNONYM(S) : Chaenomeles japonica var. alpina Maxim., Chaenomeles maulei (Mast.) Lavallée, Cydonia japonica (Thunb.) Pers., Cydonia lagenaria Loisel., nom. illeg., Pyrus japonica Thunb., Pyrus maulei Mast.

CHINESE : Ri ben mu gua.

DANISH : Lille japankvaede.

DUTCH : Dwergkwee, Dwerg chaenomeles, Japanse dwergkwee, Japanse kwee.

ENGLISH : Dwarf flowering-quince, Dwarf Japanese quince.

FINNISH : Japaninruusukvitteni.

FRENCH : Coing du Japon, Cognassier nain du Japon.

GERMAN : Japanische Quitte, Japanische Zierquitte.

GREEK :  Τσιντόνια   Tsintonia , Χαινόμηλο Ιαπωνικό Chinomilo iaponiko.

HUNGARIAN :  Japánbirs.

ITALIAN : Cotogno giapponese.


KOREAN :  풀명자 ,  명자꽃.   


POLISH : Pigwowiec japoński .  

PORTUGUESE : Marmeleiro do Japão.

RUSSIAN :  Айва японская  Aiva iaponskaia, Японская айва  Iaponskaia aiva,  Хеномелес японский Khenomeles iaponskii.

SPANISH : Membrillero japonés.

SWEDISH : Liten rosenkvitten.



Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach 'Chojubai'

ENGLISH : Flowering quince 'Chojubai'.

JAPANESE : Chojubai.

Chaenomeles lagenaria (Loisel.) Koidz.

SYNONYM(S) : Cydonia lagenaria Loisel.

CHINESE : Tie geng mu gua.

ENGLISH : Japanese flowering-quince, Japanese quince.

FRENCH : Coing du Japon, Cognassier du Japon.

ITALIAN : Cotogno Cinese.


KOREAN :  명자꽃.


Very likely a synonym of Chaenomeles japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. ex Spach

Chaenomeles sinensis (Thouin) Koehne

SYNONYM(S) : Cydonia sinensis Thouin, Pseudocydonia sinensis (Thouin) C. K. Schneid., Pyrus sinensis (Thouin) Spreng., nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Hai tang, Mu gua, Mu li.

ENGLISH : Chinese-quince.

FRENCH : Cognassier de Chine.

ITALIAN : Cotogno Cinese.

KOREAN :   모과나무.

PORTUGUESE : Marmeleiro da China.


Chaenomeles speciosa (Sweet) Nakai

SYNONYM(S) : Chaenomeles lagenaria auct. , Cydonia speciosa Sweet

CHINESE :   Zhou pi mu gua, Tie geng hai tang.

DANISH : Awaiting feedback.

DUTCH : Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH : Chinese-quince, Flowering-quince, Ornamental quince.

FRENCH : Cognassier ornemental de Chine.

HUNGARIAN :  Japánbirs.

JAPANESE :   ボケ   Boke.

KOREAN :  명자꽃.

Chaenomeles speciosa (Sweet) Nakai 'Cardinalis'

Parentage of this cultivar needs checking.

Chaenomeles speciosa (Sweet) Nakai 'Contorta'

Parentage of this cultivar needs checking.

Chaenomeles tibetica

CHINESE : Xi zang mu gua.

ENGLISH : Tibetan Flowering-quince.

FRENCH : Cognassier ornemental du Tibet.


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