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Chamaedorea brachypoda Standl. & Steyerm.

CHINESE : Duan bing ling long ye zi.

Chamaedorea cataractarum (Liebm.) Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaedorea flexuosa hort., Chamaedorea martiana H. Wendl., Nunnezharia cataractarum (Liebm.) Kuntze, Nunnezharia flexuosa (hort.) Kuntze, Nunnezharria martiana Kuntze

CHINESE : Ying luo ye zi.

ENGLISH : Cascade palm, Mexican hat palm.

GERMAN : Fluss-Bergpalme.

Chamaedorea concolor Mart.

RUSSIAN : Khamedoreia odnotsvetnaia.

Chamaedorea costaricana Oerst.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria costaricana (Oerst.) Kuntze

CHINESE : Ge si da li jia ye zi.


Chamaedorea elatior Mart.

ENGLISH : Climbing chamaedora.

Chamaedorea elegans Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Collinia elegans (Mart.) Liebm., Neanthe bella O. F. Cook, nom. inval., Neanthe elegans (Mart.) O. F. Cook

CHINESE : Xiu zhen ye zi.

DUTCH : Kamerpalm, Mexicaanse dwerg palm.

ENGLISH : Good-luck palm, Parlor palm.

GERMAN : Bergpalme, Zierliche Bergpalme.

ITALIAN : Neanthe bella.

JAPANESE : Chamedorea eregansu, Kamaedorea eregansu, Teeburu yashi (as Collinia elegans).

RUSSIAN : Khamedoreia iziashchnaia, Neanta kraskvaia (as N. bella).

SPANISH : Pacaya.

Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti H. Wendl.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria ernesti-augusti Kuntze

RUSSIAN : Khamedoreia Ernesta-Avgusta.

Chamaedorea erumpens H. E. Moore -> Chamaedorea seifrizii Burret

Chamaedorea geonomaeformis H. Wendl.

Chamaedorea humilis Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria humilis Kuntze

CHINESE : Ou zhou zong.

ENGLISH : Dwarf parlour palm.

GERMAN : Zwergpalme.

RUSSIAN : Khamerops prizemistyi.

Chamaedorea metallica O. F. Cook ex H. E. Moore

CHINESE : Yu wei ye zi.

ENGLISH : Metallic palm.

GERMAN : Metallische Bergpalme.

Chamaedorea microspadix Burret

CHINESE : Xiao sui ling long ye zi.

ENGLISH : Bamboo-palm.

FRENCH : Palmier-bambou.

GERMAN : Bambuspalme.

JAPANESE : Chamaedorea, Chamedorea, Take yashi.

PORTUGUESE : Palmeirinha-bambu.

Chamaedorea oblongata Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria oblongata Kuntze

CHINESE : Chang tuo ling long ye zi.

JAPANESE : Kamaedorea oburongata.

Chamaedorea pacaya Oerst.

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaedorea oerstedi O. F. Cook & Doyle, Nunnezharria pacaya (Oerst.) Kuntze

CHINESE : Ba ka ya ye zi.

ENGLISH : Pacaya palm.

GERMAN : Pacayapalme.

SPANISH : Pacaya (Costa Rica, Panama).

Chamaedorea plumosa D. R. Hodel

GERMAN : Buschige Bergpalme.

Chamaedorea radicalis Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaedorea pringlei S. Watson, Nunnezharria radicalis (Mart.) Kuntze

JAPANESE : Radikarisu yashi.


Chamaedorea schiedeana Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria schiedeana Kuntze


Chamaedorea seifrizii Burret

SYNONYM(S) : Chamaedorea erumpens H. E. Moore

CHINESE : Xue fo li ye zi, Zhu jing ling long ye zi, Zhu lü.

ENGLISH : Bamboo palm, Reed palm, Seifriz's bamboo palm.

JAPANESE : Kamaedorea sefurijii, Kireba teeburu yashi (as C. erumpens).

MALAY : Palma buluh (as C. erumpens).

PORTUGUESE : Camedórea-bambu (Brazil).

RUSSIAN : Khamedoreia proryvaiushchaiasia (as C.erumpens), Khamedoreia Zeifritsa.


Photographs of fruits and foliage at Thai Palms

Chamaedorea tenella H. Wendl.

JAPANESE : Hime teeburu yashi.

Chamaedorea tepejilote Liebm. ex Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Nunnezharria tepejilote Kuntze

CHINESE : Mo xi ge ling long ye zi, Ba ka ya ye zi.

ENGLISH : Pacaya palm.

PORTUGUESE : Camedórea-pacaia (Brazil).

SPANISH : Bolá (Panama), Pacaya (El Salvador).


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