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Clinopodium ashei (Weath.) Small

Satureja ashei Weath.,  Calamintha ashei (Weath.) Shinners

Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) Kuntze

Calamintha chinensis Benth. ,  Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. chinensis (Bentham) Miq.,  Satureja chinensis (Benth.) Briq.

CHINESE :  风轮菜    Feng lun cai . 

ENGLISH :  Chinese clinopodium.

Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) Kuntze var. shibetchense (H. Lév.) Koidz.

Awaiting feedback on this taxon.

Clinopodium confine (Hance) Kuntze

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha argyi H. Léveillé,  Calamintha confinis Hance, Satureja confine (Benth.) Kudo, Satureja confinis (Hance) Kudo

CHINESE :   邻近风轮菜    Lin jin feng lun cai.

Clinopodium confine (Hance) Kuntze  var. globosum C. Y. Wu et Hsuan ex H. W. Li

CHINESE :   球花邻近风轮菜   Qiu hua lin jin feng lun cai.

Clinopodium discolor (Diels) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha discolor Diels, Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. discolor (Diels) Dunn, Satureja chinensis (Benth.) Briq. var. discolor (Diels) Kudo

CHINESE :   异色风轮菜      Yi se feng lun cai.

Clinopodium laxiflorum (Hayata) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha laxiflora Hayata, Satureja laxiflora (Hayata) Matsum. & Kudo

CHINESE :   疏花风轮菜    Shu hua feng lun cai,  疏花風輪菜   Shu hua feng lun cai  (Taiwan).

Clinopodium megalanthum (Diels) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha chinensis Benth. var. megalantha Diels, Calamintha clinopodium Bentham var. megalantha (Diels) Dunn, Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. typica Dunn, Calamintha megalantha (Diels) Hand.-Mazz., Clinopodium megalanthum var. intermedium C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li,  Satureja chinensis Briq. var. megalantha (Diels) Kudo.

CHINESE :    寸金草   Cun jin cao.

ENGLISH :  Large-flowered clinopodium.

 Considered by some as Clinopodium umbrosum (M. Bieb.) K. Koch var. souliei (H. Léveillé) McKean

Clinopodium megalanthum (Diels) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li var. lancifolium C. Y. Wu et ex H. W. Li

CHINESE :  披针叶寸金草    Pi zhen ye cun jin cao.

Clinopodium multicaule (Maxim.) Kuntze

CHINESE :    Awaiting feedback.

ENGLISH :  Multistemmed clinopodium.

Clinopodium nepeta (L.) Kuntze ->  Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi

Clinopodium polycephalum (Vaniot) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex Hsu

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. nepalensis Dunn, Calamintha clinopodium Benth.  var. polycephala (Vaniot) Dunn,  Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. pratensis Dunn, Calamintha polycephala Vaniot, Calamintha tsacapensis H. Léveillé,  Clinopodium chinense Kuntze subsp. grandiflorum H. Hara var. parviflorum (Kudo) H. Hara,  Satureja chinensis Briq.  var. parviflora Kudo

CHINESE :  灯笼草   Deng long cao.

JAPANESE :  Kuruma bana.

Clinopodium repens (Buch-Ham. ex D. Don) Benth.

SYNONYM(S) :  Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. repens (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Dunn,  Calamintha repens (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Benth., Clinopodium kudoi (Hosokawa) Mori, Clinopodium repens  (D. Don) Wall.,  Melissa repens Benth.,  Melissa repens (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Benth.,  Satureja chinensis Briq.  var. repens (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Kudo,  Satureja kudoi Hosokawa, Satureja umbrosa (M. Bieb.) Scheele var. repens (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Briq. , Thymus repens D. Don, Thymus repens Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don

CHINESE :  匍匐风轮菜    Pu fu feng lun cai.

FRENCH :  Clinopodium rampant.

Clinopodium umbrosum (M. Bieb.) K. Koch

Calamintha umbrosa (M. Bieb.) Fisch. & C. A. Mey.,  Clinopodium repens Roxb. ex Benth.,   Melissa umbrosum M. Bieb. , Satureja umbrosa (M. Bieb.) Scheele, Satureja umbrosa (M. Bieb.) Greuter & Burdet

Clinopodium urticifolium (Hance) C. Y. Wu & Hsuan ex H. W. Li

SYNONYM(S) :   Calamintha clinopodium Benth. var. urticifolia Hance,  Calamintha chinensis Benth. var. grandiflora Maxim., Calamintha coreana H. Léveillé,  Calamintha urticifolia (Hance) Hand.-Mazz..

CHINESE :  麻叶风轮菜    Ma ye feng lun cai.

ENGLISH :  Nettle-leaved clinopodium.

Clinopodium vulgare L.

Calamintha clinopodium Spenn.,  Satureja vulgaris (L.) Fritsch

ENGLISH :  Cushion calamint, Dog mint, Wild basil.



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