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Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Mill.) I.M. Johnst.

SYNONYM(S) : Cnidoscolus napaeifolius (A.Juss.) Pohl, Jatropha aconitifolia Mill., Jatropha napaeifolia Desr. ex A.Juss.

ENGLISH : Cabbage star, Edible tree spinach, Tree spinach.

FRENCH : Manioc bâtard.

SPANISH : Chaya, Chaya brava, Chicasquil fino, Copapayo, Espinaca maya, Papayuelo.


Some of the common names attributed by various authors to the species Cnidoscolus chayamansa McVaugh may apply here as well.

Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Mill.) I.M. Johnst. subsp. aconitifolius

SYNONYM(S) :  Cnidoscolus napeifolius (Desr.) Pohl

This combination of names is more likely to be correct than the the previous on this page.

Cnidoscolus angustidens Torrey

SYNONYM(S) :  Jatropha angustidens Muell. Arg.


Cnidoscolus chaya Lundell

SPANISH :  Chaya, Espinaca maya.

See note below for C. chayamansa names.

Cnidoscolus chayamansa McVaugh

CHINESE :   驱虫苋  Qu chong xian, Qu chong xian, 驅蟲莧  Qu chong xian.

ENGLISH : Edible tree spinach, Maya spinach tree, Tree spinach.

JAPANESE :  チャヤ  Chaya.

PERSIAN :  چايا .

SPANISH : Chacha mansa, Chay, Chaya, Chaya cultivada, Chaya de Castilla, Chaya de monte, Chayamansa, Chaya mansa, Chaycol, Chicasquil, Chicasquil ancho, Espinaca maya, Hoja de chaya, Kekenchay, Planta de chaya, Xchay.

UNIDENTIFIED :  Chaya Col, Chaykeken , Kikilchay.

In the past there may have been some confusion between this species, now considered as a synonym of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Mill.) I.M. Johnst., and Cnidoscolus chaya Lundell (ref. Govaerts R. et al.). So it could well be that the above common names apply more accurately to C. chaya.

Cnidoscolus elasticus Lundell

SYNONYM(S) :  Jatropha elastica hort.

SPANISH :  Caucho chilte, Chilte, Jatropha de Talpa de Allende.

Cnidoscolus multilobus  (Pax) I. M. Johnston 

SYNONYM(S) :  Jatropha multiloba Pax

SPANISH : Chaya de monte.

This is now considered as a synonym of  Cnidoscolus tubulosus (Müll. Arg.) I. M. Johnst.

Cnidoscolus multilobus (Pax) I.M. Johnston subsp. multilobus

Cnidoscolus pubescens Pohl

SYNONYM(S) :   Cnidoscolus pubescens (Pax.) Pax. & K. Hoffm.

PORTUGUESE :  Arre-diabo (Brazil), Cansanção (Brazil).

Cnidoscolus quercifolius Pohl

SYNONYM(S) :  Cnidoscolus phyllacanthus (Müll. Arg.) Pax & K. Hoffm., Jatropha phyllacantha Müll. Arg.

Cnidoscolus stimulosus Engelm. & A. Gray  ->  Cnidoscolus texanus  (Müll. Arg.) Small

Cnidoscolus texanus  (Müll. Arg.) Small

SYNONYM(S) :  Jatropha urens L., Jatropha stimulosa Michaux, Jatropha texana Muell. Arg., Cnidoscolus stimulosus Engelm. & A. Gray, Cnidoscolus stimulosus (Michx.) Engelm. & A. Gray

ENGLISH :  Tread softly, Bull nettle, Spurge nettle, Stinging spurge, Texas bull nettle.


Cnidoscolus tubulosus (Müll. Arg.) I. M. Johnst.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cnidoscolus tepiquensis (Costantin & Gallaud) McVaugh, Jatropha tepiquensis Costantin & Gallaud, Jatropha tubulosa Müll. Arg., Jatropha tubulosa Müll. Arg. var. triloba Müll. Arg.

SPANISH :   Chilte.

Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur

SYNONYM(S) :   Jatropha urens L.

ENGLISH :  Brazilian stinging nut, Bull nettle, Devil nettle.

JAPANESE :  ヤトロファ・ ウ レンス  Yatorofa urensu  (as J. urens).

SPANISH :  Cansanção da leite,  Chichicaste de caballo, Pinha queimadeira, Urtiga cansanção, Urtiga de mamão.

Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur var. stimulosus (Michx.) Govaerts

SYNONYM(S) :   Bivonea stimulosa (Michx.) Raf., Cnidoscolus michauxii Pohl, nom. illeg., Jatropha stimulosa Michx.,  Jatropha urens (L.) Arthur  var. stimulosa (Michx.) Müll.Arg.

ENGLISH :  Bull nettle.

Cnidoscolus vitifolius  (Mill.) Pohl

SYNONYM(S) :  Jatropha vitifolia Miller

SPANISH :  Guaritoto, Tautubo.


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