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Coccinia abyssinica (Lam.) Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) :   Bryonia abyssinica Lam.

ENGLISH :  Anchote (Ethiopia).

FRENCH : Gourde écarlate d'Ethiopie, Gourde écarlate d'Abyssinie.


Coccinia adoensis (A. Rich.) Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) :   Coccinia parvifolia Cogn., Coccinia pubescens (Sond.) Eyles, Momordica adoensis A. Rich.

AFRIKAANS : Bobbejaangif.

ENGLISH : Wild spinach (South Africa).

Coccinia grandis (L.) J. Voigt

SYNONYM(S) :  Bryonia alceifolia Willd, Bryonia grandis L., Coccinia cordifolia sensu auct., non (L.) Cogn., Cephalandra indica Naud.,    Coccinia cordifolia (L.) Cogn. var. alceifolia (Willd.) Cogn., Coccinia cordifolia (L.) Cogn. var. wightiana (M.Roem.) Cogn., Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt  var. wightiana (M.Roem.) Greb., Coccinia indica Wight & Arn., Coccinia loureiriana M.Roem., Coccinia wightiana M.Roem., Cucumis pavel Kostel., Momordica bicolor Blume, Momordica covel Dennst., Momordica monadelpha Roxb.

CHINESE : Hong gua.

DANISH : Skariagenagurk.

ENGLISH : Ivy gourd, Scarlet gourd, Scarlet-fruited gourd, Kowai fruit.

FRENCH : Gourde écarlate de l'Inde.

HINDI : Bimb, Bimba, Kanduri, Kanturi, Kundree, Kundru.

JAPANESE :     Yasai karasu uri.

KANNADA : Kaagethonde , Konde ball , Theekkuduru, Thonde balli, Thundike.

MALAY : Pepasan, Papasan (Indonesia), Bolu teke (Java).

MALAYALAM : Kova, Koval.

MARATHI : Tondili.

NEPALESE : Akhu pami, Gol kankri, Kundaruu (Kundaru), Van kirii (Van kiri).

ORIYA : Kunduri.

SANSKRIT :  Bimbi, Bimbika (as C. indica), Jivaka, Patuparni, Vimba, Vira.

SPANISH : Pepino cimarrón.

TAMIL :  Covay, Kotturukanni, Kovai, Kovaikkay, Naripputu, Rattakkovai, Tirattikkovai, Vattakkovai, Velikkovai, Vimpa, Vimpakam, Vimpi, Vimpikai.

TELUGU : Kaki donda.

THAI :   ตำลึง   Tam lueng, ผักตำลึง    Phak tam lueng.



Other names of uncertain origin : Dtumleung (possibly from Thailand), Gelowda, Ole kavi (possibly from India), Telacucha (possibly from India), Tindora (possibly from India), Tindola (possibly from India), Tindori (possibly from India).

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of flower by Clifford W. Smith at Prelude or at Botany Dept. University of Hawaii.


For cultivars details see PROSEA Handbooks < >


Coccinia palmata (Sond.) Cogn.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cephalandra palmata E. Mey. ex Sond.

AFRIKAANS : Bospampoentijie, Wildepampoentjie.

ZULU : Ibhece lehlathi .





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