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Commiphora africana (A. Rich.) Engl.

Synonyms: Balsamea pilosa Engl. , Balsamodendrum africanum (A. Rich.) Arn. , Commiphora pilosa (Engl.) Engl. , Commiphora rubriflora Engl. , Commiphora sambesiaca Engl. , Commiphora nkolola Engl. , Heudelotia africana A.Rich.

ENGLISH : Poison-grub commiphora.


Commiphora caudata (Wight & Arn.) Engl.

ENGLISH : Hill mango (India)

TAMIL : Kiluvai, Pachaikiluvai.


Commiphora gileadensis (L.) C. Chr.

SYNONYM(S) : Amyris gileadensis L., Amyris opobalsamum L., Commiphora opobalsamum (L.) Engl.

ENGLISH : Balm of Gilead, Mecca myrrh (as C. opobalsam).


Commiphora habessinica (O. Berg) Engl. (GRIN)

SYNONYM(S) : Amyris agallocha Roxb. (GCW), Balsamea abyssinica (Berg) Engl., Balsamodendrum habessinicum O. Berg (GRIN) , Commiphora abyssinica (O. Berg) Engl., orth. var. (GRIN) , Commiphora agallocha Engl. (GCW) , Commiphora lindensis Engl., Commiphora madagascariensis Jacq. (GCW) , Commiphora subsessilifolia Engl.

CHINESE :      阿比西尼亞沒藥    A bi xi ni ya mo yao (as C. abyssinica).

ENGLISH : Abyssinian myrrh, Arabian myrrh (as C. madagascariensis), Yemen myrrh (as C. madagascariensis).

SPANISH : Mirra del Yemen.

UNIDENTIFIED LANGUAGES : Mtonto, Umudahwera, Kinyarwanda (Rwanda). <- INVESTIGATE

Commiphora kataf (Forssk.) Engl.

SYNONYM(S) : Amyris kataf Forssk., Commiphora erythraea (Ehrenb.) Engl., Commiphora holtziana xxx, Hemprichia erythraea Ehrenb.

DUTCH : Mekkabalsem (as C. erythraea).

ENGLISH : Bisabol myrrh (as C. erythraea), Opopanax resin, Sweet myrrh.

FRENCH : Opopanax (as C. erythraea).

GERMAN : Opopanax (C. erythraea), Opopanax - Harz.

ITALIAN : Opopanax (as C. erythraea).

SPANISH : Mirra perfumada, Mirra bisabol, Opopanax, Opoponaco (as C. erythraea).

UNIDENTIFIED LANGUAGES : Baisa bol, Bhesa bol, Bissa bol, Ekwang'orum. <- INVESTIGATE


Should not be confused with the "True oponanax" Opopanax chironium (L.) W. D. J. Koch


Commiphora myrrha (Nees) Engl.

SYNONYM(S) : Balsamodendrum myrrha Nees, Commiphora molmol (Engl.) Engl. , Commiphora myrrha (Nees) Engl. var. molmol Engl.

ENGLISH : African myrrh (as C. molmol), Herabol myrrh, Myrrh, Somali myrrh (as C. molmol).

FRENCH : Myrrhe.

GERMAN : Myrrhe.

ITALIAN : Mirra.

SPANISH : Mirra, Mirra somalí.

UNIDENTIFIED LANGUAGES : Dhidin, Didin (tree - Somalia), Molmol (resin - Somalia). <- INVESTIGATE

Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandari

SYNONYM(S) : Balsamodendrum mukul Hook. ex Stocks , Balsamodendrum wightii Arn., Commiphora mukul (Hook. ex Stocks) Engl.

CHINESE :    穆庫爾没藥    Mo ku er mo yao (as C. mukul).

ENGLISH : Bdellium gum, Bdellium tree, False myrrh (as C. mukul), Gugul, Indian bdellium (as C. mukul), Indian bdellium tree (as C. mukul).

HINDI : Guggul (as C. mukul).

SANSKRIT : Guggulu.






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