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Crambe abyssinica Hochst. ex R. E. Fr.

SYNONYM(S) :  Crambe hispanica A. Rich., non L.

CHINESE :   地中海芥菜    (Taiwan). 

ENGLISH :  Abyssinian kale, Colewort ,  Crambe.

FRENCH :  Chou d'Abyssinie, Crambé d'Abyssinie.

GERMAN :  Abessinischer Meerkohl , Krambe.  ормовые

RUSSIAN :   Катран абиссинский   Katran abissinskii  (Katran abissinskij),   Крамбе Krambe.

Crambe cordifolia Steven

CHINESE :  心葉兩節薺   (Taiwan).

FRENCH :  Chou en coeur.

JAPANESE :   グレーターシーケール.

Photograph in Japan.

Crambe hispanica L.

SYNONYM(S) :    Crambe filiformis Boiss., non Jacq., Crambe glabrata DC. , Crambe hispanica L. subsp. glabrata (DC.) Coutinho

ENGLISH :   Hispanic crambe.

FRENCH :  Chou d'Espagne, Crambe d'Espagne, Crambé d'Espagne.

Crambe koktebelica (Junge) N. Busch

SYNONYM(S) :    Crambe juncea M. Bieb. var. koktebelica Junge

Crambe kotschyana Boiss.

SYNONYM(S) :   Crambe cordifolia Steven subsp. kotschyana (Boiss.) Jafri,  Crambe cordifolia Steven var. kotschyana (Boiss.) O. E. Schulz.

CHINESE :   两节荠  Liang jie ji,   兩節薺  (Taiwan).

Crambe maritima L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cochlearia maritima (L.) Crantz,  Crambe pontica Steven

CHINESE :   海甘藍   (Taiwan), 海邊芥藍  (Taiwan), 海 薺  (Taiwan).

DANISH :  Almindelig strandkål,  Strandkål.

DUTCH :  Zeekool.

ENGLISH :   Colewort, Seakale.

FINNISH :  Merikaali.

FRENCH :  Chou-marin, Crambe, Crambé, Crambé maritime.  

GERMAN :  Crambe, Echter Meerkohl, Küsten-Meerkohl, Meerkohl.

HUNGARIAN :  Tengerparti tátorján.

ITALIAN :  Brassica marina, Cavolo marino, Cavolo selvatico.

JAPANESE :  シーケール.

POLISH :  Modrak morski.

PORTUGUESE :  Couve-marinha.

RUSSIAN :  Капуста морская   Kapusta morskoia (Kapusta morskaja), Катран морской   Katran morskoi (Katran morskoj).

SPANISH :  Col marina, Col maritima.

SWEDISH :  Strandkål.

Photograph by P. Libourel.

Crambe orientalis L.

TURKISH :  Deniz lahanası.

Crambe steveniana Rupr.

ENGLISH :  Fodder crambe.

Crambe tataria Sebeok

SYNONYM(S) :  Crambe aspera M.Bieb., Crambe buschii (O.E. Schulz) Stankev. ex Wul'f,  Crambe gibberosa Rupr.,  Crambe pinnatifida R. Br., Crambe tatarica Pall. ex Güldenstädt

CZECH :  Katrán tatarský.

DANISH :  Tatarisk strandkål.

FRENCH :  Crambé de Tartarie.

GERMAN :  Tatarischer Meerkohl.

HUNGARIAN :  Tátorján.

RUSSIAN :  Катран татарский   Katrantatarskii  (Katran tatarskij).



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