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Cydonia oblonga Mill.

SYNONYM(S) :  Cydonia cydonia Karst., Cydonia europaea Savi, Cydonia vulgaris Pers., Pyrus cydonia L., Sorbus cydonia Crantz.

ARABIC : Habbus safarjal (seeds), Safarjal.

CHINESE :  榅桲   Wen po.

DANISH : Almindelig kvæde, Kvæde , Kvædetræ , Pærekvæde.

DUTCH : Japanse kwee, Kwee, Kweeboom, Kweepeer.

ENGLISH : Common quince, Quince, Quince seeds, Quince tree.

FINNISH : Kvitteni.

FRENCH : Cognassier, Cognassier à fruit comestible, Coing,  Graines de coing.

GERMAN : Echte quitte, Quitte, Quittenbaum.

GREEK : Kydoni.

HINDI : Behidana (seeds).

HEBREW : Habush.

ITALIAN : Cotogno, Mela , Melocotogno, Pomo cotogno.

JAPANESE :   マルメロ    Marumero.


PERSIAN :     درخت به        ,  Safarjal, Tukhme safarjal (seeds).

POLISH : Pigwa, Pigwapospolita.

PORTUGUESE : Cidónia, Marmeleiro, Marmelo.

RUSSIAN :   Айва   Aiva,  Айва обыкновенная  Aiva obyknovennaia.

SERBIAN : Dunja.

SPANISH : Membrillero,Membrillo.

SWEDISH : Kvitten, Kvitten-arter.

TURKISH : Ayva, Ayva agh.


Cydonia oblonga Mill.  var. lusitanica Mill

SYNONYM(S) :     Cydonia  lusitanica Mill.

DUTCH : Kweepeer.

ENGLISH :     Pear-shape-fruited quince.

Cydonia oblonga Mill. subsp. maliformis (Mill.) Thell.   

SYNONYM(S) :   Cydonia maliformis Mill.,   Cydonia oblonga  Mill.  var.   maliformis   Mill.

DUTCH : Kweeappel.

ENGLISH :    Apple-shape-fruited quince.

GERMAN : Apfel-Quitte.

Cydonia oblonga Mill. subsp. pyriformis (Medik.) Thell. 

SYNONYM(S) :   Cydonia pyriformis   Medik., Cydonia oblonga Mill.var.  pyriformis Kirchn.

DANISH : Pærekvæde.

DUTCH : Kweepeer.

ENGLISH : Pear-shape-fruitedquince.

GERMAN : Birnen-Quitte.



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