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Cyperus esculentus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Cyperus esculentus L. var. sativus Boeck., Cyperus melinorhizus Delile, Cyperus tuberosus Pursh., Pycreus esculentus (L.) Hayek.

CHINESE : You sha cao, You sha dou.

DANISH : Chufanød, Fladaks, Jordmandler.

DUTCH : Aardamandel, Tijgernoten.

ENGLISH : Earth-almond, Rushnut (USA), Ground almond, Tigernut , Yellow nut-grass (USA), Yellow nutsedge, Yellow nut-sedge (USA), Yellow nut sedge, Water-grass (USA), Zulu nut.

FINNISH : Maakastanja.

FRENCH : Amande de terre, Choufa, Gland de terre, Noix tigrée, Souchet comestible, Souchet rampant, Souchet-sultan, Souchet tracant.

GERMAN : Chufanuß, Erdmandel, Erdmandelgras, Eßbares Zypergras.

ITALIAN : Cipero dolce, Zigolo dolce, Zizzola terrestre.

JAPANESE : Ki hamasuge, Shokuyou gayatsuri.

NEPALESE : Kashuur.

POLISH : Awaiting feedback.

PORTUGUESE : Chufa, Juncinha, Junquinha mansa.

RUSSIAN : Awaiting feedback.

SPANISH : Cebollín, Chufa, Juncia avellanada, Tubérculo de chufa.

SWEDISH : Mandelsäv, Jordmandel.

THAI : Haeo chin, Haeo thai (Central Thailand), Ma niao (Northern Thailand).

Photographs of tubers (close-up) and freshly harvested plants at Pépinière Aromatiques Tropicales.
Photograph 2
of tubers (close-up).

Cyperus glaber L.

ITALIAN : Zigolo glabro.


Cyperus longus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Cyperus brachystachys Presl. , Cyperus fenzelianus Steud., Cyperus loadius Desf., Cyperus longus Brot.

DANISH : Fladaks.

ENGLISH : English galingale, Sweet cyperus,Sweet galingale.

FRENCH : Souchet long , Souchet odorant

GERMAN : Hohes Zypergras, Langes Zypergras

ITALIAN : Zigolo comune.


SPANISH : Juncia olorosa

Cyperus papyrus L.

Papyrus antiquorum Willd.
ARABIC :    بردي
CHINESE :  纸莎草.

DANISH : Papyrusfladaks.

DUTCH : Papirus.

ENGLISH :  Bulrushes, Egyptian paper plant, Egyptian paper reed, Egyptian papyrus, Mediterranean sedge,
Paper reed,  Papyrus.

FINNISH : Papyruskaisla.

FRENCH : Jonc du nil, Papyrus,
Plante à papier du Nil, Papyrus du Nil,  Souchet à papier, Souchet du Nil.

GERMAN : Papyrusstaude,  

ITALIAN : Papiro.
  パピルス   Papirusu.
KOREAN :     
파피루스    Pa pi ru su,   P'a p'i ru seu.

NEPALESE : Guda mothe, Kagat mothe.


  Циперус папирус.

SPANISH : Papiro.

SWEDISH : Papperssäv, Papyrus.

THAI : Kok i yip (Bangkok).


Cyperus prolifer Lam.

SYNONYM(S) :   Cyperus aequalis Vahl, Cyperus esculentus Drege & E. Meyer, Cyperus isocladus Kunth., Cyperus papyroides Poir.

ENGLISH :   Dwarf papyrus,  Miniature cyperus, Miniature flatsedge, Miniature papyrus.

Photograph by Erv Evans  at NC State University.

Cyperus rotundus L.

SYNONYM(S) : Cyperus olivaris Targioni-Tozzetti, Cyperus tuberosus Roxn., Pycreus rotundus (L.) Hayek

CHINESE : Suo cao, Xiang fu zi.

ENGLISH : Brown nut sedge, Coco-grass, Nut sedge, Nut-grass, Purple nut sedge, Red nut sedge.

FRENCH : Herbe-à-oignon, Souchet à tubercules, Souchet rond. 

GERMAN : Rundes Zypergras.

ITALIAN : Zigolo infestante.

JAPANESE : Hamasuge.



SPANISH : Castañuela, Coquito, Juncia. 

THAI : Ya haeo mu (Central Thailand), Ya khon mu.




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