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Dendrocnide basirotunda (C. Y. Wu) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :   Laportea basirotunda C. Y. Wu

CHINESE :   圆基火麻树   Yuan ji huo ma shu.

THAI :  หานช้างฮ้อง  Han chang hong.

Dendrocnide crenulata Miq.

THAI :  กะลังตังช้าง  Kalangtang chang.

Dendrocnide excelsa (Wedd.) Chew 

SYNONYM(S) :   Laportea gigas Wedd., Urera excelsa Wedd., Urtica gigas A. Cunn. ex Wedd., Urticastrum gigas (Wedd.) Kuntze

ENGLISH :  Australian tree nettle, Fibrewood, Gimpi gimpi (Aboriginal-Aust.), Giant stinging tree, Gympie.

Dendrocnide harveyi (Seem.) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :   Dendrocnide milnei (Seem.) Chew, Laportea harveyi Seem., Laportea milnei Seem.

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Dendrocnide moroides (Wedd.) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :   Laportea moroides Wedd., Urticastrum moroides (Wedd.) Kuntze

ENGLISH :  Australian tree nettle, Fibrewood (Aust.), Giant stinging tree, Gympie Gympie (Aust.),  Gympie, Moonlighter (Aust.), Mulberry-leaved stinger, Stinger, (Aust.), Stinging tree, Toxic tree nettle, Tropical stinging tree.

FRENCH :  Ortie toxique d'australie.

GERMAN :  Australische Brennnessel.

Dendrocnide photinophylla (Kunth) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :   Fleurya photinophylla Kunth, Laportea photinophylla Wedd.

ENGLISH :  Australian tree nettle, Fibrewood, Mulberry-leaved stinger,  Mulberry-leaved stinging tree, Shining-leaved stinging tree.

Dendrocnide sinuata (Blume) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :  Laportea crenulata Gaudich.-Beaup., Laportea crenulata (Roxb) Gaud., Laportea crenulata (Roxb.) Wedd.,  Laportea integrifolia C. Y. Wu, Laportea sinuata (Blume) Miq.,  Urtica ardens Blume, non Link., Urtica crenulata Roxb., Urtica sinuata Blume

BURMESE :  Awaiting feedback..

CHINESE :  全缘火麻树   Quan yuan huo ma shu, 圆齿艾麻  (as L.crenulata).

ENGLISH :  Devil nettle, Fever nettle, Mouse nettle, Stinger (Aust.), Stinging tree (Aust.).

HINDI :  मेxxराxxx  Morange, Utigun.

MALAY :  Awaiting feedback.

MALAYALAM :  Elampilavu (as L. crenulata), Moricha (as L. crenulata).

SINHALESE :  Awaiting feedback.

TAMIL :  Anaichorian, Otta pilava.

THAI :   ตะรังตังช้างกะลังตังช้าง  Kalangtang chang.

Dendrocnide stimulans (L. f.) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :  Dendrocnide costata Miq. , Laportea annamica Gagnep., Laportea hainanensis Merr. & Metcalf,  Laportea stimulans (L. f.) Miq., Urtica stimulans (L. f.) Miq., Urticastrum stimulans Kuntze

CHINESE :   海南火树麻   Hai nan huo shu ma.

ENGLISH :  Elephant tree nettle , Malay tree nettle , Stinger (Aust.), Stinging tree (Aust.).

HINDI :  Awaiting feedback.

THAI :  Ai khu na (Karen), E ko poe, Han duea, หานสา  Han sa (Northern Thailand), สามแก้ว  Sam kaeo, ตำแยช้าง  Tamyae chang (Central Thailand).

Dendrocnide urentissima (Gagnep.) Chew

SYNONYM(S) :  Dendrocnide chingiana (Hand.-Mazz.) Chew, Laportea chingiana Hand.-Mazz., Laportea urentissima Gagnep., Urtica urentissima Blume

CHINESE :  火麻树   Huo ma shu.

ENGLISH :  Devil's leaf, Stinger (Aust.), Stinging tree (Aust.).

SWEDISH :  Dj√§vulsblad.

VIETNAMESE :  Awaiting feedback.


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