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Diospyros blancoi A. DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Cavanillea philippensis (Desr.) Gurke, nom. illeg., Diospyros discolor Willd., nom. illeg., Diospyros philippensis (Desr.) Gürke, nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Tai wan shi (as D. discolor), Mao shi (Taiwan, as D. discolor), Yi se shi.

ENGLISH : Mabola-tree, Mabolo, Velvet persimmon, Velvet-apple.

FRENCH : Pommier velours.

JAPANESE : Ke gaki (as D. discolor).

MALAY : Bisbul (Indonesia), Buah lemah, Buah mentega, Buah sagalat, Kamagong, Kayu mentega.

PORTUGUESE : Pécego-de-India.

SPANISH : Camagón.

Diospyros castanea (Craib) Fletcher

SYNONYM(S) :   Maba castanea Craib


Diospyros celebica Bakh. f.

DUTCH : Coromandel.

ENGLISH : Black ebony, Golden ebony, Macassar ebony, Steaked ebony.

FRENCH : Coromandel, Ébène noir, Ébène de Macassar.

GERMAN : Gestreifte Ebenholz, Makassar Ebenholz.

MALAY : Kayu hitam (Indonesia), Kayu itam, Kayu lotong, Kayu maitong.

Diospyros crassiflora Hiern

SYNONYM(S) : Diospyros atropurpurea Guerke, Diospyros evila Pierre

CHINESE : Fei zhou shi.

ENGLISH : African ebony, African persimmon, Benin ebony.

FRENCH : Ébène d'Afrique, Ébène du Gabon, Ébène noir, Ebènier véritable du Gabon, Evila, Mevini.

GERMAN : Afrikanisches Ebenholz, Madagaskar Ebenholz.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu atoropurupurea, Diosupirosu karasifurora.

PORTUGUESE : Ébano, das Antilhas.

SPANISH : Ébano.

Diospyros decandra Lour.

THAI : Chan in, Chan khao, Chan luk hom, In.

Diospyros digyna Jacq.

SYNONYM(S) : Diospyros ebeneaster Retz., Diospyros nigra (Blanco) Blanco, Diospyros nigra Perrott., Diospyros obtusifolia Humb. et Bonpl. ex Willd.

CHINESE : Hei shi (Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Black persimmon, Black sapote, Chocolate pudding fruit.

FRENCH : Barbacoa, Barbaquois, Caca poule (Antilles), Ébènier des Antilles, Sapote noire, Sapotier.

GERMAN : Ebenholzbaum, Schwarze Sapote.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu nigura.

PORTUGUESE : Ébano das Antilhas.

SPANISH : Ébeno agrio, Guayabota, Matasano de mico, Sapote negro, Zapote de mico, Zapote negro, Zapote prieto.


Diospyros ebenum J. König

SYNONYM(S) : Diospyros hebecarpa A. Cunn., Diospyros glaberrima Rottb.

CHINESE : Wu mu.

ENGLISH : Ceylon ebony, Ceylon persimmon, Ebony, Ebony persimmon, Mauritius ebony.

FRENCH : Ébène, Ébènier, Ébènier de Ceylan, Ébènier de Maurice.

GERMAN : Echter Ebenholzbaum.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu ebenumu.

NEPALESE : Abnush.

RUSSIAN : Chërnoe ebenovoe derevo, Tseilonskoe ebenovoe derevo.

SPANISH : Ebenuz.

Diospyros kaki L. f. non Thunb.

ENGLISH : Japanese kaki, Japanese persimmon.

FRENCH : Kaki, Plaqueminier du Japon.


MALAY : Buah kaki, Buah kesemek, Buah samak.

RUSSIAN : Kaki, Khurma iaponskaia, Khurma kaki.

THAI : Phlap chin.


Note : Whilst taxonomists clearly recognize D. kaki L. f. ( as a wood tree) and D. kaki Thunb. as a better known fruit tree, the providers of common names, most of the time, do not make the distinction and tend to group every name under the "kaki" umbrella. Therefore at this stage one cannot trust in particular the Malay and Thai names to any great extent. We have bolded what we think is the correct name for this species.

Diospyros kaki Thunb.

SYNONYM(S) : Diospyros chinensis Blume, nom. nud.

CHINESE : Shi, Shi zi.

ENGLISH : Chinese persimmon, Kaki, Kaki persimmon, Oriental persimmon.

FRENCH : Kaki, Plaqueminier, Plaqueminier de Chine.

GERMAN : Kaki, Kakibaum, Kakipflaume.

JAPANESE : Kakinoki.

MALAY : Buah kaki, Buah kesemek, Buah samak, Kesemek (Indonesia), Pisang kaki.

SPANISH : Caqui, Kaki del Japón, Placa minera.

THAI : Phlap chin.


Note : Whilst taxonomists clearly recognize D. kaki L. f. ( as a wood tree) and D. kaki Thunb. as a better known fruit tree, the providers of common names, most of the time, do not make the distinction and tend to group every name under the "kaki" umbrella. Therefore at this stage one cannot trust in particular the Malay and Thai names to any great extent. We have bolded what we think is the correct name for the species (above).

Diospyros lotus L.

CHINESE : Hei zao, Jun qian zi.

ENGLISH : Date-plum, Lotus persimmon, Lotustree.

FRENCH : Faux lotier, Guyac de Tadone, Plaqueminier faux lotier.

GERMAN : Dattelpflaume, Lotuspflaum, Lotuspflaumenbaum.

JAPANESE : Mame gaki.

PORTUGUESE : Guiaca, Guiacana.

RUSSIAN : Khurma obyknovennaia.

SPANISH : Caqui, Guayacán africano.



Diospyros macassar A. Cheval.

DUTCH : Makassars ebben.

ENGLISH : Indian ebony, Macassar ebony.

GERMAN : Gestreifte Ebenholz, Makassar Ebenholz.

ITALIAN : Ebano di Macassar.

MALAY : Congo moitomo (Indonesia), Kojoe itam (Indonesia), Mojondi (Indonesia).

Diospyros malabarica (Desr.) Kostel.

SYNONYM(S) :   Diospyros embryopteris Pers., Diospyros peregrina Gurcke

ENGLISH : Indian persimmon, Mountain ebony.

NEPALESE : Allo, Kaalo tindu (Kalo tindu), Khallu.

THAI : Tako suan, Tako thai (Central Thailand).

VIETNAMESE :   Cườm thị Thị đầu heo.


Most common names are interchangeable with those of the variety below.

Diospyros malabarica (Desr.) Kostel. var. malabarica

ENGLISH : Wild Indian persimmon.

FRENCH : Ébènier de l'Inde.

THAI : Tako suan, Tako thai (Central Thailand).


Most common names are interchangeable with those of the species above.

Diospyros malabarica (Desr.) Kostel. var. siamensis (Hochr.) Phengklai

ENGLISH : Thailand mountain ebony, Wild Thai mountain ebony.

FRENCH : Ébènier de Siam.

THAI :   Má phlap.

Diospyros maritima Blume

VIETNAMESE :   Cẩm thị , Vàng nghệ.

Diospyros marmorata R. N. Park.

ENGLISH : Andaman ebony, Andaman marblewood, Streaked ebony, Zebra wood.

FRENCH : Ebène marbré.

GERMAN : Gestreifte Ebenholz, Makassar Ebenholz.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu marumoraata.

MALAY : Kayu hitam (Indonesia).

Diospyros mollis Griff.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu morurisu, Taikokutan <- Check this name.

MALAY : Kayu eboni.

THAI : Má kluea, Phi phao (Shan).

Diospyros nitida Merr.

CHINESE : Hei shi.

ENGLISH : Black persimmon.

JAPANESE : Diosupirosu nitida.

Diospyros oleifera Cheng

CHINESE : You shi.

ENGLISH : Oil persimmon.

JAPANESE : Abura gaki.

Diospyros rumphii Bakh.

SYNONYM(S) : Diospyros utilis Koord & Val. non Hemsl.

ENGLISH : Black ebony, Macassar ebony, Streaked ebony.

FRENCH : Ebène noir.

GERMAN : Gestreifte Ebenhölzer, Makassar, Schwarze Ebenhölzer.

MALAY : Maitem (Indonesia), Mologotu, Moyondi (Sulawesi).

Diospyros sinensis Hemsl.

CHINESE : Ding xiang shi zi, Shan shi zi, Wu shi.

ENGLISH : Chinese persimmon.

Diospyros tomentosa Roxb.

ENGLISH : Nepal ebony.

FRENCH : Ebènier du Népal.

NEPALESE : Abinas, Bini pad (likely transcription error), Bidi paat (Bidi pat), Bindi pat.

Diospyros venosa Wall. ex DC.

SYNONYM(S) :   Diospyros hermaphroditica (Zoll.) Bakh

Săn đen.

Diospyros virginiana L.

SYNONYM(S) :  Diospyros mosieri S. F. Blake

CHINESE : Mei zhou shi.

ENGLISH : American persimmon, Common persimmon, Persimmon, White ebony.

FRENCH : Plaqueminier d'Amérique, Plaqueminier de Virginie.

GERMAN : Helles Ebenholz, Persimone.

JAPANESE : Amerika gaki.

NEPALESE : Haluvaabed (Haluvabed).

RUSSIAN : Khurma virginskaia.

SPANISH : Caqui de Virginia, Caqui silvestre.





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