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Diplocyclos palmatus (L.) C. Jeffrey

SYNONYM(S) : Bryonia palmata L., Bryonia laciniosa L., Bryonopsis laciniosa (L.) Naudin, Ilocania pedata Merr., Zehneria erythrocarpa F. Muell.

CHINESE :   毒瓜 Du gua雙 輪瓜  Shuang lun gua (Taiwan).

DUTCH :  Kerstklimmer.

ENGLISH : Lollipop climber, Marble vine, Native bryony (Australia), Red-striped cucumber (Sri Lanka).

HINDI :  Bankakra, Bonkakra,  Isvaralingi,    शिवलिंगी   Shivalingi (Sivalingi, Shivlingi).

オキナ ワスズメウリ  Okinawa suzume uri, おきなわすず めうり Okinawa suzume uri,    沖縄雀瓜 Okinawa suzume uri.

KANNADA :  Angathonde balli,   ಲಿಮ್ಗತೊಮ್ಡೆ ಬಳ್ಳಿ  Limgatomde balli, Linga konde balli, Linga tonde balli, Mahaalingana balli, Maaningana balli, Panchaguriya, Shiva lingi.

KOREAN :  전초  Jeon cho.

MARATHI :  Kavdoli,    महादेवी  Mahadevi, Shivlinge.

MALAYALAM :  Aivirali kko-va, Kakkakothi, Nehoemeka, Neysatti, Neyyunni, Neyyuruni, Sivalingakkaya, Sivavalli.

NEPALESE : Shaavaa (Sava),   शिवलिंगी  Shivalingii (Sivalingi).  

SANSKRIT :  अपष्ठम्भिनी Apashtambhini, चित्रफला Chitraphala, लिङ्गिन्   Lingin, शिवलिङ्गी Shivalingi.

SINHALESE :  Pasengilla.

SWEDISH :  Polkagrisreva, Röd bryonreva.

TAMIL :  ஐவிரலி   Aivirali (as Bryonia laciniosa),  Aiviralkkovai, Iyveli,  Iyvirali, Sivalingakkay, Shivalingakkay.

TELUGU :  లింగదొండ   Linga donda.

THAI :   ขี้กาลาย   Khi ka lai (Khee kaa laai).






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