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Diplotaxis catholica (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Sisymbrium catholicum L.

FRENCH : Diplotaxis catholique.

GERMAN : Allgemeiner Doppelsame.

ITALIAN : Ruchetta.

PORTUGUESE : Grizandra.

SPANISH : Amargo amarillo.

SWEDISH :   Sågsenap.


Photographs of seedlings, flowers at HYPPA, INRA-Dijon, France.

Diplotaxis erucoides (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Brassica erucoides Boissier, Diplotaxis erucoides (L.) A. P. de Candolle, Diplotaxis valentina Pau, Diplotaxis virgata (Cav.) DC. var. platystylos (Willk.) Willk., Sinapis erucoides L., Sisymbrium erucoides Desfontaines

ENGLISH : Annual wall-rocket, White-flowered wall-rocket, White rocket, Wild rocket, White-flowered wild rocket.

FRENCH : Fausse roquette, Roquette blanche, Roquette sauvage, Roquette sauvage à fleurs blanches.

GERMAN : Rauken-Doppelsame.

ITALIAN : Ruchetta violacea, Rucola selvatica.

NORWEGIAN : Stripesennep.

POLISH :  Dwurząd rokiettowaty.

SPANISH : Jaramago blanco, Oruga silvestre, Ravenissa blanca (Catalan).

SWEDISH :  Vit mursenap.


Photographs at MIPAF, Colture Ortive, Italia.

Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Brassica muralis Boissier, Brassica muralis Huds., Sisymbrium murale L.

CHINESE : Er hang jie.

DANISH :  Mursennep.

DUTCH :  Muurzandkool.

ENGLISH : Annual wall-rocket, Dog weed (Aust.), Goat weed (Aust.), Nanny weed (Aust.), Sand rocket, Stink weed (Aust.), Teetulpa weed (Aust.), Wall mustard, Wall rocket, Yellow-flowered wall-rocket, Yellow-flowered annual wild rocket.

FINNISH :  Pikkuhietasinappi, Leveäliuskainen hietasinappi.

FRENCH : Roquette des murailles, Roquette sauvage à fleurs jaunes.

GERMAN : Mauer-Doppelsame, Mauer-Rauke.

ITALIAN : Ruchetta dei muri, Rucola selvatica.

NORWEGIAN :  Mursennep.

POLISH :  Dwurząd murowy.

 SWEDISH :  Mursenap.

Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) :  Brassica tenuifolia Boiss., Brassica tenuifolia Fries, Eruca tenuifolia Moench, Sinapis tenuifolia R. Brown, Sisymbrium tenuifolium L.

ARABIC :   Gargir barri.

CHINESE : Xi ye er hang jie.

DANISH :  Sandsennep.

DUTCH :  Zandkool.

ENGLISH : Lincoln weed (Aust.), Narrow-leaved wall-mustard, Perennial wall-rocket, Sand mustard, Sand rocket, Slimleaf wild rocket, Slim-leaved wallrocket, Wild arugula, Wild rocket, Yellow-flowered perennial wild rocket.

FINNISH :  Isohietasinappi , Kapealiuskainen hietasinappi.

FRENCH : Roquette à feuilles ténues, Roquette jaune, Herbe puante.

GERMAN : Feinblättriger Doppelsame, Schmalblättriger Doppelsame.

ITALIAN : Ruchetta selvatica, Rucola mata, Rucola selvatica.

FRENCH : Roquette sauvage à feuilles minces.

NORWEGIAN :  Steinsennep.

POLISH :  Dwurząd wąskolistny.

SPANISH : Jaramago silvestre.

SWEDISH :   Sandsenap.


Diplotaxis viminea (L.) DC.

DUTCH :   Twijgzandkool.

FRENCH :  Roquette des vignes.

GERMAN :  Ruten-Doppelsame.

ITALIAN :  Rucoletta nuda.

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