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Dracontomelon costatum Blume

ENGLISH :  Borneo dracontomelon, Sumatra dracontomelon.

FRENCH :   Dracontomelon de Bornéo, Dracontomelon de Sumatra.

Dracontomelon dao (Blanco) Merr. & Rolfe

SYNONYM(S) : Comeurya cumingiana Baill., Dracontomelon cumingianum (Baill.) Baill., Dracontomelon edule (Blanco) Skeels,  Dracontomelon mangiferum (Blume) Blume, Dracontomelon puberulum Miq., Dracontomelon sylvestre Blume, Paliurus dao Blanco, Paliurus edulis Blanco, Paliurus lamiyo Blanco, Pomum draconum Rumph., Pomum silvestre Rumph., Poupartia mangifera Bl.

CHINESE :   人面子    Ren mian zi        

DUTCH :  Drakeboom            

ENGLISH : Argus pheasant tree, New Guinea walnut, Pacific walnut.        

FRENCH :   Dracontomelon.

GERMAN :  Drachenapfel  

Basuong (Indonesia), Dahu (Indonesia), Sarunsab, Sengkuang (Kalimantan), Sěngkoewang (Malaysia),  Unkawang.

TAGALOG :  Dao, Paldao.

THAI :  Dao, โกซังกวน  Goh sang guan,  กะโค Ka-kho (Gakoh), พระ เจ้าห้าพระองค์  Phra chao ha phra ong, สะ กวน Sa guan,  แสนตาล้อม  Saen taa lom, ตะโก Ta goh, ตะกู  Tagoo,  ซังกวน Sang kuan. 

VIETNAMESE :  Chi sấu, Sấu.

UNIDENTIFIED :  Laup, Maliyan, Mon, Nga bauk.

Dracontomelon duperreanum Pierre

SYNONYM(S) :  Dracontomelon sinense Stapf

CHINESE :   人面子  Ren mian zi.
VIETNAMESE :   Cây sấu, Quả sấu.

Dracontomelon lenticulatum Wilkinson

ENGLISH :  New Guinea dracontomelon.

FRENCH :   Dracontomelon de Nouvelle Guinée.

Dracontomelon macrocarpum H.L. Li

CHINESE :  人 面子   Da guo ren mian zi.



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