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Eryngium foetidum L.

CHINESE :  刺芹  Ci qin,   刺芫荽  Ci yan sui,  美國刺芫荽   Mei guo ci yan sui (Taiwan),  洋芫荽  Yang yan sui. 

ENGLISH :    False coriander, Fitweed,  Long coriander, Long-leaved coriander,  Mexican coriander,  Puerto Rican coriander,  Saw tooth coriander, Shadow-beni, Spiny coriander, Spirit weed, Stinkweed, Wild coriander.

FRENCH :   Azier la fièvre (French Guiana),  Chardon étoilé, Panicaut fétide, Coriandre chinoise, Coriandre de Java, Coriandre du Mexique, Coulante (Haiti), Herbe puante.

GERMAN :  Langer Koriander, Mexicanischer Koriander, Stinkdistel.

HINDI :  Awaiting feedback.

HUNGARIAN :  Hosszú koriander,  Iringó, Mexikói koriander, Puerto Ricó-i koriander.

JAPANESE :   ペレニアルコリアンダー    Pereniaru koriandaa.

KHMER :  Chi pa la, Chi pa rang.

KOREAN :  Awaiting feedback.

LAOTIAN :  Phak hom thet.

MALAY :  Jeraju gunung, Kangkong kerbau, Ketumbar java, Ketumbar jawa (Indonesia), Ketumbar landa, Walangan (Indonesia).

MALAYALAM :  Awaiting feedback.

PORTUGUESE :  Coentro-bravo.

SPANISH :  Alcapate (El Salvador), Culantro, Culantro de coyote, Cilantro cimarrón (Mexico), Cilantro de la Habana (Mexico), Cilantro extranjero (México), Cilantro habanero, Orégano de Cartagena, Perejil (Mexico), Racao (Puerto Rico)Shado beni (Caribbean, Trinidad), Shado benee (Caribbean, Dominica).

SUNDANESE :  Balang katuncar, Katuncar walanda, Katuncar walang, Singa depa, Walang anjing, Walang duri, Walang geni, Walang katuncar, Walang cina.

SWEDISH :  Mexikansk koriander.

VIETNAMESE :   Cây ngò tàu, Mùi tàu, Mùi tầu,  Ngò gai, Ngò tây,  Rau ngò gai, Rau ngò tây.

Photoghraphs of leaves at Gifu University, Japan.
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