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Euterpe edulis Mart.

CHINESE : Ke shi ai ta zong, Xian ye zong.

ENGLISH : Assai palm, Cabbage palm, Edible euterpe palm.

FRENCH : Pinot.

GERMAN : Euterpepalme, Kohlpalme.

NORWEGIAN : Kålpalme.

PORTUGUESE : Açaí branco, Jicara, Jucara, Palmito branco.

SPANISH : Coco de palmito.

Euterpe longibracteata Barb. Rodr.

PORTUGUESE : Açaí chumbo (Brazil), Açaí da matta (Brazil).

Euterpe oleracea Mart.

SYNONYM(S) : Euterpe badiocarpa Barb. Rodr.

CHINESE : Shu shi ai ta zong.

ENGLISH : Cabbage palm, Euterpe palm, Multistemmed assai palm, Palisade palm (Suriname), Wapoe (Suriname).

FRENCH : Pinot, Pina (French Guiana), Pinau (French Guiana).

GERMAN : Açai-Palme, Euterpepalme, Kohlpalme.

MALAY : Palma asai.

PORTUGUESE : Açaí (Brazil), Açaí-da-várzea (Brazil), Açaí-do-baixo-Amazonas (Brazil), Açaí-do-igapó, Açai-do-Pará (Brazil), Açaí espada, Açaizeiro, Assaí.

SPANISH : Asaí, Manaca (Suriname, Venezuela), Morroke (Venezuela), Palmera de la col, Uassi (Venezuela).

Euterpe precatoria Mart.

ENGLISH : Baboen pine (Suriname), Mountain cabbage palm , Single-stemmed assai palm, Wapoeiema (Suriname).

PORTUGUESE : Açaí (Brazil), Açaí-da-terra-firma, Açaí-do-alto-Amazonas, Açaí-do-Amazonas, Açai-do-mato, Açaí-do-terra-firma, Açai mirim, Assaí, Guassai,Jissara, Palmito mole.

SPANISH : Chonta (Peru), Guasay (Colombia), Guassai (Venezuela), Huasai (Peru), Palma do rosario (Bolivia)

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