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Fagopyrum cymosum (Trev.) Meisn.

SYNONYM(S) : Polygonum cymosum Trev.

CHINESE : Ye qiao mai.

ENGLISH : Wild buckwheat.

THAI : Khao sam liam, Phak bung som (Chiang Mai).


Fagopyrum dibotrys (D. Don) Hara

ENGLISH : Perennial buckwheat, Wild buckwheat.

NEPALESE : Van phaphar.


Probably a synonym of F. cymosum above.


Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.

SYNONYM(S) : Fagopyrum cereale (Salisb.) Raf., Fagopyrum fagopyrum Karst., Fagopyrum sagittatum Gilib., Fagopyrum sarracenicum Dumort., Fagopyrum vulgare Hill, Fagopyrum vulgare Th. Nees, Polygonum cereale Salisb., Polygonum fagopyrum L., Polygonum tataricum Lour.

AFRIKAANS : Bokwiet.

ARABIC : Henta soda (Egypt).

BURMESE : Shari-mam.

CHINESE : Qiao mai, Tian qiao mai

CROATIAN : Navadna ajda.

CZECH :  Pohanky seté.

DANISH :  Almindelig boghvete, Boghvete.

DUTCH : Boekweit.

ENGLISH : Buckwheat, Common buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat (USA), Sarrasin corn, Silverhull buckwheat (USA).

FINNISH : Viljatatar.

FRENCH :  Blé de Barbarie, Blé de sarrasin, Blé noir, Bouquette, Mil des Maures,   Renouée sarrasin, Sarrasin.

GERMAN : Buchweizen, Echter Buchweizen, Heidenkorn.

HEBREW : Fagopyron tarbuti, Kosemet.

HINDI : Bagonal, Kotul, Kutu, Phaphar.

HUNGARIAN : Hajdina, Pohánka, Pohánka vagy hajdina.

ITALIAN : Faggina, Fagopiro, Grano saraceno, Sarasin.

JAPANESE : Kyoubaku, Soba.

KOREAN : May mil (Me mil).

NEPALESE : Phaapar, Mithe phaphar, Tilii phaphar, Tonda.

NORWEGIAN : Bokhvete, Bokkveite.

POLISH : Gryka siewna, Gryka zwyczajna, Poganka, Pryka zwyczajna, Tatarka gryka.

PORTUGUESE : Trigo-sarraceno.

RUSSIAN :  Гречиха посевная Grechikha posevnaia.

SLOVAKIAN :  Pohánka prihlásené.

SLOVENIAN :  Ajda,  Navadna ajda.

SPANISH : Alforfón, Grano sarraceno, Grano turco, Trigo negro, Trigo sarraceno.

SWEDISH : Bovete, Vanligt bovete.

Photograph of flowering plants at Max Planck Institute.

Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn.

SYNONYM(S) : Polygonum tataricum L.

BURMESE : Shari-mam.

CHINESE : Ku qiao mai (Ku chiao mai).

ENGLISH : Duck wheat, Indian wheat, Tartarian buckwheat, Tartary buckwheat.

FRENCH : Sarrasin de Tartarie.

GERMAN : Tatarischer Buchweizen.

JAPANESE : Ku kyoubaku.

KOREAN : May mil sok.

NEPALESE : Phaaphar.

POLISH : Gryka tatarka.

RUSSIAN : Grechikha tatarskaia.

SPANISH : Alforfón de Tartaria.





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