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Fortunella bawangica C. C. Huang

CHINESE :  霸王金 橘 Ba wang jin ju.

Fortunella crassifolia Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Fortunella japonica (Thunb.) Swingle x Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swingle

CHINESE :   长 安金柑  Chang an jin gan厚 叶金橘  Hou ye jin ju, Jin dan, Jin gan, Jin ju (fruit), Jin ju he (seed), Jin dan ju, Ju he (medicinal name), Ning bo jin gan, Ning bo jin gan  (Ning po chin kan - Taiwan).

ENGLISH : Meiwa kumquat, Bullet kumquat, Sweet kumquat, Large round kumquat.

FRENCH : Kumquat doux .

GREEK :  Κουμκουάτ μεγάλο-στρογγυλό.

HUNGARIAN :  Nagy kumkvat

JAPANESE :   メ イ ワキンカン Meiwa kinkan,  明 和キンカン  Meiwa kinkan,  Nippon kinkan, Neiha kinkan, Neiha kinkan.

PORTUGUESE :  Kumquat, Kunquat (Brazil),  Laranja de ouro (Brazil), Laranja dos orientais (Brazil), Laranja de ouro dos orientais (Brazil).

Fortunella crassifolia Swingle var. variegata hort.

ENGLISH : Variegated kumquat.

FRENCH : Kumquat panaché, Kumquat ornemental .

Fortunella erythrocarpa Hayata

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus erythrocarpa Hayata

USDA GRIN classes this synonym as Glycosmis erythrocarpa (Hayata) Hayata and gives it the common name "Red tangerine".  Tawanese scholars further associate the two with Glycosmis citrifolia (Willd.) Lindl. and Limonia citrifolia Willd. (given the Chinese name " 石苓舅 " ).  None of the references consulted mentions Fortunella.

Fortunella hindsii (Champ. ex Benth.) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) :  Atalantia hindsii (Champ. ex Benth.) Oliv.,  Sclerostylis hindsii Champ. ex Benth. 

CHINESE : Shan ju, Shan jin gan, Shan jin ju, Shan ju (medicinal name), Shan jie.

ENGLISH : Hong Kong kumquat, Formosan kumquat, Taiwanese kumquat, Pea-sized kumquat, Hong Kong wild kumquat.

FRENCH : Kumquat de Hong Kong.

GERMAN :  Chinesische Kumquat.

HUNGARIAN :   Vadkumkvat.

JAPANESE :   Mame kinkan, Mame kinkan, ホンコン野生キンカン.

Fortunella hindsii (Champ.) Swingle var. chintou Swingle

CHINESE :  金豆  Jin dou.

ENGLISH : Golden bean kumquat.

JAPANESE :   キ ンズ  Kinzu, マメキンカン Mame kinkan.

Fortunella japonica (Thunb.) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) : Citrus japonica Thunb.

CHINESE : Jin gan, Yuan jin gan (medicinal name), Jin ju, Shan ju, Chin chü.

ENGLISH : Round kumquat, Marumi kumquat, Golden orange, Sweet-peeled kumquat.

FRENCH : Kumquat rond, Kumquat à fruits ronds.

GERMAN : Rundkumquat.

GREEK :  Κουμκουάτ, Κουμκουάτ το στρογγυλό.

HUNGARIAN :   Japán kumkvat.

ITALIAN : Kumquat a frutto tondo.

JAPANESE :   マ ルキンカン Maru kinkan,  Marumi kinkan.

KOREAN :  둥근금감  Dung geun geum gam. ( 금귤  Geum gyul (중 Jung) / 금귤나무  Geum gyul la mu (북 buk) / 동굴귤 / Dong gul gyul ).

PORTUGUESE :  Cunquato-marumi.

RUSSIAN :  Кинкан японский, Кумкват.

SPANISH :  Kumquat redondo, Naranjita japonesa.

VIETNAMESE :  Cây quất cảnh.

Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swingle

SYNONYM(S) :  Fortunella japonica (Thunb.) Swingle var. margarita (Swingle) Makino, Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swingle var. margarita, Citrus margarita Lour.

CHINESE : Jin ju, Jin ju (medicinal name), Nai kan.

ENGLISH : Oval kumquat, Nagami kumquat, Pearl lemon, Spicy-peeled kumquat, Bullet kumquat.

FRENCH :  Kumquat à chair acide, Kumquat ovale, Kumquat à fruits oblongs.

GERMAN :  Chinesische Kumquat., Oval Kumquat, Ovalkumquat, Ovale Kumquat, Ovaler Kumquat.

GREEK : Κουμκουάτ το ωοειδές.

HUNGARIAN :   Kumkvat.

ITALIAN : Kumquat a frutto ovale.

JAPANESE :  ナ ガキンカン   Naga kinkan Nagami kinkan.

KOREAN :  금감 Geum gam.

PORTUGUESE : Cunquato-nagami.

RUSSIAN :  Кинкан овальный  .

SPANISH :   Naranjita china.

Fortunella obovata hort. ex Tanaka

CHINESE :   月 月橘  Yue yue ju, Yüeh yüeh chü, Ch'ang shou kan, 福州金柑 Fu zhou jin gan.

ENGLISH :  Changshou kumquat, Jiangsu kumquat.

FRENCH : Kumquat fukushu.

JAPANESE : Chouju kinkan, Chouju kinkan, Fukushuu kinkan,  福州金柑 Fukushuu kinkan.

Fortunella polyandra (Ridl.) Tanaka

SYNONYM(S):  Atalantia polyandra Ridl., Citrus polyandra (Ridl.) Burkill, non Tanaka, Citrus swinglei Burkill ex HarmsFortunella swinglei Tanaka  

CHINESE :  长叶金 柑  Chang ye jin gan, 长 叶金橘  Chang ye jin ju, 马来亚金柑  Ma la ya jin gan.

ENGLISH :  Long-leaved kumquat, Swingle's kumquat, Malayan kumquat.

JAPANESE :  マラ イキンカン  Marai kinkan,   Nagaba kinkan.

MALAY : Limau pagar.

SPANISH :  Kumquat malayo.

Fortunella sagittifolia Feng & Mao

CHINESE :   箭叶 金橘  Jian ye jin ju.

ENGLISH :  Arrow-leaved kumquat.

A "kumquat" or a synonym of Citrus hystrix ?

Fortunella venosa (Champ. & Hook.) C.C. Huang

SYNONYM(S): Sclerostylis venosa Champ. & Hook.

CHINESE :    金 豆  Jin dou.


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