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Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) :


Gaultheria acuminata Schltdl. & Cham.

SYNONYM(S) : Gaultheria nitida Benth.

SPANISH : Achocopa (Mexico), Axocopaque (Mexico), Pipicho (Mexico).


Gaultheria adenothrix (Miq.) Maxim.

SYNONYM(S) : Andromeda adenothrix Miq.

CHINESE : xxx Xian mao bai zhu shu.

JAPANESE : Aka mono.

Gaultheria anastomosans (L.f.) Kunth

SPANISH : Borrachera, Mortiño, Totiadera blanca (Colombia).

Gaultheria antipoda G. Frost

CHINESE : Shi guo bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Edible-fruited gaultheria, New Zealand gaultheria.


Gaultheria cuneata (Rehder & E. H. Wilson) Bean

SYNONYM(S) : Gaultheria pyroloides var. cuneata Rehder & E. H. Wilson

CHINESE : Si chuan bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Sichuan gaultheria.

Gaultheria depressa Hook. f.

CHINESE : Pu fu bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Creeping gaultheria.

Gaultheria erecta Vent.

SPANISH : Arrayar (Mexico), Macha macha (Peru), Mortiño (Colombia), Mortiño borrachero azul (Colombia), Papacusa (Peru).

Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall.

CHINESE : Fang xiang bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Fragrant gaultheria.

Gaultheria glomerata (Cav.) Sleumer

SYNONYM(S) : Andromeda glomerata Cav., Gaultheria brachybotrys DC.

SPANISH : Borrachera (Ecuador), Cachuito (Venezuela), Mullaca negra (Peru), Pata de gallo (Colombia).

Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl.

SYNONYM(S) : Chiogenes hispidula (L.) Torr. & A. Gray

CHINESE : Pa di xue guo bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Creeping snowberry, Moxie plum.


Gaultheria humifusa (Graham) Rydb.

CHINESE : Gao shan dong lü.

ENGLISH : Alpine wintergreen.

Gaultheria leucocarpa Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Gaultheria cumingiana S. Vidal, Gaultheria leucocarpa Blume f. cumingiana (Vidal) Sleumer, Gaultheria leucocarpa Blume var. crenulata (Kurz) T. Z. Hsu

CHINESE : Bai zhu shu (as G. cumingiana).

ENGLISH : Common gaultheria.


Considered by some authors as a synonym of Gaultheria yunnanensis.

Gaultheria oppositifolia Hook. f.

ENGLISH : Snowberry.

Gaultheria procumbens L.

SYNONYM(S) : Gaultheria humilis Salisb. , Gaultheria repens Raf. nom. illeg.

CHINESE : Fu wo bai zhu shu, Ping pu bai zhu shu, Ye cha bai zhu shu.

DANISH : Bjergte, Nordamerikansk vintergrøn, Vintergrøn.

DUTCH : Bergthee, Kruipende patrijsbes.

ENGLISH : Aromatic wintergreen, Box berry, Canada tea, Checkerberry, Checkerberry wintergreen, Creeping wintergreen, Deerberry, Eastern teaberry, Hillberry, Mountain tea, Partridgeberry, Redberry, Spice berry, Spicy wintergreen, Teaberry, Wintergreen.

FRENCH : Gaulthérie, Gaulthérie couchée, Petit thé des bois (Canada), Thé des bois.

GERMAN : Amerikanisches Wintergrün, Kanadischer thee, Nordamerikanische Wintergrün, Scheinbeere, Wintergrün, Wintergrün Pflanze, Wintergrünstrauch.

GREEK : Awaiting feedback.

PORTUGUESE : Gaultéria.

RUSSIAN : Gaul'teriia lezhachaia.

SPANISH : Gaulteria, Té del Canada.

SWEDISH : Amerikanskt vaktelbär, Tuvvaktelbär, Vaktelbär, Vintergröna.


Photographs at USDA Plants Database.

Gaultheria punctata Blume

SYNONYM(S) : Gaultheria fragrantissima auct., non Wall.

MALAY : Awaiting feedback, Awaiting feedback (Indonesia).


Gaultheria shallon Pursh.

DUTCH : Appelblad, Appeltjesblad, Bergthee, Kruipende patrijsbes.


Gaultheria yunnanensis (Franch.) Rehder

SYNONYM(S) : Vaccinium yunnanense Franch.

CHINESE : Dian bai zhu shu.

ENGLISH : Yunnan gaultheria.

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