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Hedychium coccineum Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.

CHINESE :   红姜花    Honh jiang hua.    

ENGLISH : Red ginger-lily ,  Scarlet ginger-lily.

THAI : Kha dong.


Hedychium coronarium J. König

CHINESE :  姜花     Jiang hua,  穗花山奈   (Taiwan). 

ENGLISH : Butterfly-ginger, Butterfly-lily, Cinnamon-jasmine, Garland-flower, Ginger-lily, White butterfly, White-butterfly ginger, White ginger, White-ginger-lily.

JAPANESE :   ハナシュクシャ. 

NEPALESE : Dudh kevara.

THAI : Hanghong, Mahahong.

UNIDENTIFIED :   Cevuga vula (Fiji), Dalasika (Fiji), Kōpī teatea (Cook Islands) Re‘a teatea (Cook Islands), Teuila paepae (Samoa), Thevunga (Fiji, Tonga).


Hedychium densiflorum Wall.

CHINESE :   密花姜花   Mi hua jiang hua.

Hedychium elatum R. Br.

Hedychium ellipticum Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.

NEPALESE : Kyamana, Sarro, Rato saro.

Hedychium flavescens Carey ex Roscoe

SYNONYM(S) :   Hedychium emeiense Z.Y. Zhu, Hedychium panzhuum Z.Y. Zhu

CHINESE :     峨眉姜花   E mei jiang hua.

ENGLISH :  Cream garland lily, Cream ginger, Cream ginger lily,  Wild ginger, Yellow ginger-lily, Yellow ginger.

FRENCH :  Longoze, Opuhi rea rea (French Polynesia).    

UNIDENTIFIED :   Awapuhi melemele (Hawaii), Kopi rengarenga (Cook Islands), Re‘a rengarenga (Cook Islands), Teuila ( Samoa).

Hedychium flavum Roxb.

CHINESE :   黄姜花   Huang jiang hua.

THAI : Ta hoen lueang.

Hedychium gardnerianum Sheppard ex Ker Gawl.

CHINESE :  金姜花  Jin jiang hua

ENGLISH : Kahili ginger, Kahila garland-lily, Yellow ginger lily.

GERMAN :  Girlandenblume.

NEPALESE : Sunkevara.

UNIDENTIFIED :  Awapuhi kahili (Hawaii),  Cevuga dromodromo (Fiji), Kahili (Hawaii),  Kopi (Cook Islands),

Hedychium greenii W. W. Sm.

ENGLISH : Bhutan butterfly ginger.


Hedychium spicatum Buch.-Ham.

CHINESE :  草果药  Cao guo yao,  草果葯  Cao guo yao.

ENGLISH : Spiked ginger-lily.

HINDI : Kapur kachari, Kapur kachri, Sandharlika.

JAPANESE :   サンナ   Sanna.

NEPALESE : Gai sarro, Kapur kacharo, Pankha phul, Pankha svan.

SANSKRIT : Gandhapalashi, Gandha sathi, Sandharlika.


Hedychium stenopetalum Lodd.

THAI : Ta hoen luang.


Hedychium thyrsiforme Sm.

Hedychium tomentosum Sirirugsa & K. Larsen

THAI : Ta hoen chiang dao.

Hedychium villosum A. Wall ex Roxb.

CHINESE :  毛姜花   Mao jiang hua.

THAI : Ta hoen.




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